Monday, December 8, 2014

November Newsletter & Slideshow

FAMILY:  The 1st of November found our family in St. George to support Daken on his baptism day! We are very proud of him & enjoyed our time with them & family – as always! Congrats Daken! On the 7th, we celebrated Link’s birthday – he would have been two. We are thankful for all the support we received that day. See his section for more details. The 8th was the Storybook Parade! We have lived in Cedar for three and a half years and this was our first time going – it was awesome! Storybook and Disney themed floats mesmerized the girls and some of the characters even came up to say hi! We had a great time at the parade – and eating ice cream afterwards J We did our annual Gerald the Grateful Turkey FHE on the 12th & it was fun & turned out great. On the 14th, we had fun welcoming Sister Crandall back from her mission at the airport (she was Kezia’s Sunbeam teacher) and then having a late-over with Olivia and Adelaide Price and Emmy Schoppman. They had earned their late-over by staying in their beds each night J They had fun painting nails, eating popcorn & watching movies. That next night, Heidi & Jason got a sitter & we had a date night with the Bealers at his parent’s home – we played Celestial Companions and Rummicube. It was fun! We headed to Salt Lake on the 19th, so we could go to Kalli’s high school play on the 20th. She was the lead (Julia) in The Wedding Singer & it was so much fun to see her! She did a wonderful job as did her entire cast. We decided to stay in SLC till Thanksgiving, so Jason worked at the Uinta-W-C FS building while Heidi & the girls did some fun things, including going to the Pioneer Museum in S. Jordan with the Simons and going to a bounce house in N. Salt Lake. As a family, we went to Joshua’s soccer game and Tiarra’s dress rehearsal. Jason & Heidi also spent a few hours at IKEA, went to a SIDS parents dinner at Cheesecake Factory, which was really neat, and we went on a date eating dinner @ Trisha’s and then to see the newest Hunger Games movies with the other adults in the family – fun! – but hard part was Jason had to take Noelle home because she was too fussy in the movie L Jason watched the girls, too, while the sisters (and mom) had a fun time shopping, eating at the Olive Garden, and watching movies at Trisha’s. It was a wonderful night! Thanksgiving started with Heidi & her dad doing their traditional turkey run. Then we all got ready & were to the Tew’s at noon for a yummy Thanksgiving meal. After helping with clean-up, we headed back to the Potts’ to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 – really cute movie! Then we played charades and went for a walk. We have many things to be thankful for and It was a fabulous Thanksgiving. Friday morning was even more wonderful as Heidi, Jason, Grandma & Grandpa Potts, Aunt Cindy, GG Tew, Kalli & Tiarra spent the morning at the Jordan River Temple doing family names. Afterwards we went to Kneaders for some yummy food & goodies. Afterwards, we packed up & headed back home, spending Saturday spreading rock for our side yard, putting together the girls’ new bed, going to Home Depot, putting in a new kitchen sink, putting up a couple Christmas trees,  and putting together a new crib for Noelle. It was a busy, but good day J The next day, Sunday, we spent at church and decorating our trees. We are excited for the Christmas season!

JASON: Jason continues to be very busy at work. He had a meeting in Richfield this month, and was able to work from the Uninta/W-C National Forest Office while we were in Salt Lake, which was very convenient.  He & Joseph spent a lot of time hanging out & playing video games J Jason is enjoying getting to know the young men in his new calling with the teachers & getting to plan fun activities. Jason participated in no-shave November with a goatie – getting pretty long now! Jason has worked hard getting the side yard done – and it shows!! We now have rock in our side yard – in the RV pad, down the pathway & into the garden. It looks awesome!!

HEIDI: Although she still had some bad days, Link’s birthday was definitely softened this year for Heidi & it was healing to have a baby to hold as we remembered & celebrated our baby boy. Heidi’s friend, Krista Corry, was so sweet – she brought over a beautiful “Link” bracelet & Heidi wore it the whole day of his birthday. Heidi enjoyed her time in Salt Lake, with her sisters, her friends, and the outings with her sweetheart. She continues to listen to Eragon with Cindy as they each exercise in their own towns J Heidi has been quite the taxi now that the Vogts are gone – driving to both North Elementary for Ireland & McKinley & South Elementary preschool for Kezia. Heidi did well on the healthy eating challenge & lost 10 pounds! J It was hard, but very good. Heidi asked on Facebook if anyone had recommendations for books that dealt with living people on the earth who had interactions with loved ones on the other side & she was surprised by how many people shared their beautiful stories with her! In fact, Jason & Heidi are reading an account of one of Heidi’s HS friends & his story with his brother who passed away. It’s been neat! Heidi is also staying busy buying & ordering things for updating their home. Their living room & family room especially look completely different & it’s fun & exciting to see all the changes. Heidi got a yucky cold sore at the end of the month L

-McKinley hasn’t gone to 4H as much this past month – we’ve been gone & busy. She says she wants to do volleyball now, like her cousin Sedona. She’s also wants to take ice skating lessons.
-McKinley was sick & had to miss a couple days of school this month.
-McKinley really wanted to do reflections, so she used mom’s camera to take some pictures and made a poster with them all. She had taken a picture of her tablet & did a cross through it and took pictures of all the other things we should be doing instead. The theme was “the world would be a better place if…”
-She really had fun playing with her cousins in Salt Lake this past month.
-We got a book from a lady who wanted to use a picture of Link’s bench in the book she was making for her grandkids, called Sammy the Sad Sunflower. It is a great book about learning who we really are & knowing that we are each of great worth. McKinley read the book for FHE in Salt Lake City & everyone seemed to enjoy it!

-At Daken’s baptism, mom overheard this conversation… Sloan (her 2nd cousin): I’m related to Joseph Smith! Ireland: Well… I’m related to my grandma!
-On the way to school, Ireland said “Mom – I know why they call it this month – Novemberrrrrrrr- cuz it’s cold!!”
-Mom asked Ireland a question one day and Ireland said “I don’t know.  You can check it out for yourself at www.idon’” (and if you’re wondering, no – it’s not a real website. Just a smart-alec daughter ;))
-Ireland is feeling a bit lonely lately. Her best friend at school, Drew, moved and her other friend Mahina is in Idaho for another couple months. She is having a hard time making new friends at school L
-One day when we were doing a family clean, Ireland was just the best helper!! She didn’t complain one bit and ran around taking care of everything. She definitely earned a date point!
-Ireland had fun on her lateover with Emi Schoppman J

-One evening for her prayer, Kezia said “And please bless that Noelle will survive the whole time she is here.”
-For Kezia’s birthday, she got a dress-up kit and one night she decided to put on a “show” – complete with tickets and theater candy! It was awesome! J
-Kezi had a fun time with her lateover friend, Adelaide. They don’t get to see each other as much lately with Addi being in Kindergarten.
-Kezia gave a primary talk this month. Mom had printed out the talk and was practicing with her. She was doing really great! She just messed up a little bit when she said “thou shalt love the lord thy god with all thy heart, with all your SOUP, and with all your mind” J
-Kezi says she wants to be a doctor AND a princess when she grows up.
-Kezia went birthday shopping with Grandma & Grandpa Potts when she was in SLC. For some reason, she chose ANOTHER dress up kit and ANOTHER Anna doll. Mom convinced her to order the Elsa & Anna dolls online instead J
-While we were watching Tiarra’s dress rehearsal, the song they singing kept repeating “Welcome to Toyland!” Kezia whispered “it sounds like they are saying toilet?”
-Mom was talking to Kezia and Kezia was staring at mom’s lip (where her cold sore is) She pointed at it and said “those look like beard seeds.”
-Mom was fixing Kezi’s hair one day & Kezi was telling mom “I KNOW that Satan is on the naughty list, mom. He’s caused nothing but trouble!!”
-Kezia continues to be  stellar reader & is getting really good at math, too! Mom loves having her home in the mornings & having “mommy & Kezi time” J

Happy 2nd birthday our duder-dude. It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 whole years since you came into our lives and blessed us so very much with your presence.  We donated 30 bags to the Jubilee House, we donated to the Ronald McDonald House both in SLC and in Philadelphia. We released balloons at your bench. We hope they made their way all the way to heaven & you enjoyed their bright colors and your new Lightening McQueen car. We went to McDonald’s on your birthday and we ate cake. Our friend, Diane Bealer, had a new nephew born on your birthday! They named him Linkon, and we felt it was a tender mercy.  We continue to try and serve in your name. We felt your joy as 7 of us did temple work for family names. Grandma was working in the temple one night and she said you were in the elevator with her! She said that you were very joyful and were basically letting her know that being busy in the temple is what it’s all about. That touched our hearts!!! We love & miss you each and every day!

-At 7 months old, Noelle is growing up fast! We can’t seem to get enough of her cuteness!
-Noelle got her first cold this month and had a runny nose, fever, and croupy cough for a few days. Mom took her into the doctor just to make sure it wasn’t RSV. She also seemed to be in teething pain. It was a difficult combination for everyone! Thankfully she is feeling much better!
-We finally decided it was time for Noelle to move out into Link’s room. It took a lot of courage – and a donated crib – to accomplish it, but we are so thankful. She was not sleeping well & neither were mom & dad. It’s taken some adjustment, but she’s done really well with the change & it’s SO nice to not have to tiptoe and whisper all the time in our room! She is still in the Sleep Guardian and has the Snuza on.
-One of the cute things Noelle has been doing is to give kisses! She’s not always in the mood, but when she is and you say “kisses!” and pucker up, she’ll give you a nice open-mouth, slobbery wet one! It’s so cute!
-Another cute thing she’s doing is making clicking noises. She just thinks she is so grown up when she can sit and click, click, click!
-No crawling yet, but she is getting closer every day! She will sit and then put her hands way out in front of her. She just hasn’t figured out how to get up on all fours yet.
-Noelle is such a strong stander! If we place her next to the couch, she will stand there for a long time – and has even started to cruise!
-Noelle loves music! She pays attention when people sing at church. She  LOVES to bang on our real piano – and the toy one.
-She gets into such a giggly mood right before she’s tired. She just laughs at just about everything – and her sisters love to sit and say funny words and noises to get her into a giggling fit.
-We are trying the sippy cup with Noelle this month – she still hasn’t quite figured out how to tip it up, but she is getting closer all the time!
-She’s a flapper!! When she’s excited – watch out, she flaps those arms like crazy! J
-She loves to hold Link’s picture at night while mom gets her jammies on.
-For some reason, she HATES being put into her high chair at first. She screams & cries, but once the food comes, she usually calms right down – especially at night when we have the candles at dinner. She loves to stare.
-She has really started making messes! Anything that is within reach – a bag of elastics, a cup of juice, etc – is fair game! She has a strong grab and a quick swiping action!
-She doesn’t seem to be into Signing Time or Baby Einstein yet. She gets fussy after a few minutes.
-In the morning, Kezia & Mommy like to sing songs and read books to Noelle. It’s so fun & sweet J

-She has DEFINITELY turned into a mommy’s girl. Especially when someone else watches her, but even with her daddy, she cries & reaches for “MAMAMAMA!”