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June Newsletter & Slideshow

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Hamilton Family Newsletter
June 2016

FAMILY: Welcome Summer!! We have all had a good time jumping into the summer fun and routines this month. For make-it Monday, we have made an Angry Bird Piniata, TP phone holders, and cards for Father's Day. For taste-it Tuesday, we've made frozen lemonade (from real lemons), Oreo Pops, Sand Pudding, and raspberry chocolate chip treats. For Water Wednesday, we've gone to 2 different Splash Parks in St. George/Hurricane, had water balloon target practice on the fence, and been to our Lake at the Hills, along with just playing in the sandbox/small pool in the backyard. For Thinking Thursday, we've gone to the library and worked on our goals for the summer, including multiplication fact memorization and reading. For Forest/Fun Friday, we've gone up to Woods Ranch for a picnic and we've been to a bounce house in SLC. In between all this structured fun, the girls have had so much fun riding around on their bikes with friends and we've had our new neighbor girls, Karmeah and Anna, over almost every day, along with other friends in the neighborhood. We've also had fun hanging out on the front porch in the evenings, or roasting marshmallows in the backyard.  On June 1st, we headed down to Richfield to take Grandma Devenish out for her birthday to Costa Vida. The Reeds came, too, and it was fun to see everyone :) On the 2nd, we finally finished the sandbox in the corner of our yard. It took 2 Saturdays and 2 truck-fuls of sand, but we are really happy with it. There is a LOT of sand to play in and the girls have spent hours and hours out there in the sand. Our other Saturday project was getting mom's vegetables and flowers into the ground. With some help and replacing some water lines, we got them in and they are really doing well! It will be great to see how our harvest turns out this year. Unfortunately, we had a bout of pinkeye at the beginning of the month that started with Kezia and after a make-up party where mascara was used, McKinley & Ireland got it, too :( Grandma & Grandpa Potts stopped by twice this month, looking at homes in St. George. The first time we went with them and got to see some of the potential homes they were looking at. We were kinda bummed they didn't choose a home in Hurricane, but still SO SO happy that they will be closer to us in St. George than clear in SLC! They should be closing on their St. George home the middle of July. On the 11th, we headed over to Ladybug Nursery for some fun! We went ladybug hunting and caught a lot! We had a free lunch, rode the train, and mined for gold! It was fun and we even ran into a few friends. The weekend of the 18th, we got to have Daken for a night while Jeff & Keeley were busy being Ma & Pa at trek. It was fun to have him and cheer him on at the Utah Summer Games baseball games. His team even took gold!! The last weekend of the month, we headed to SLC for a few days. On the 24th, we went to a bounce house for fun and to celebrate Parker's birthday. As it turned out, his cousin joined him on his birthday! Maxwell Adam Checketts was born on the 24th, 9 lbs 1 oz. We are so happy that he made it here safely and enjoying all the pictures Aunt Tiffany sends from Minnesota. On the 25th, Heidi went to a SIDS mom get-together at a restaurant in S. Jordan while Grandma & Grandpa watched the girls. It was a wonderful time to visit. Also while we were up there, we went to a park and to Wheeler Farm for some free cotton candy, Chick-fil-A, and snow cones. Also, the older girls got to sleep over at Aunt Cindy's and they stayed up till midnight watching Home!! On Sunday, we got to be there for the family dinner at Aunt Trisha. We all LOVED her yummy enchiladas and hearing about her trek as well as eating yummy dragon cake that Cindy had made. For Activity Days this month, we got to help plant flowers is Sister Beacham (the Primary President's) front yard and we also hiked to Lion's Mouth. Also, the girls and their friends had a lemonade stand in front of the Price house and made $4 each!  Jason had Father's Day and his 39th birthday this month that we got to celebrate - see his section for more details.

JASON: June was especially busy for Jason. He was basically working on his understaffed new job "unofficially" until his start date of the 25th as well as his old budget job. So - many days he was working 10-12 hours and wasn't getting home till very late. In addition, he has his new Elder's Quarum duties that filled a lot of his evenings, so we didn't get to see him a lot during the week :( He also had a meeting in Escalante this month. We are so thankful for all his hard work and dedication. He does so much for our family. The 19th was Father's Day and his menu selection included ebbelskeevers for breakfast, french toast (with homemade bread) for lunch, and roast with salted potatoes, rolls, and corn on the cob for dinner. Then apple crisp with vanilla bean ice cream for dessert :) The girls all made him cards and we got him some treats, too. For his birthday, we brought him Cafe Rio for lunch, along with balloons and a huge card. Then for dinner, we all went out to Applebees. Happy Birthday and Father's Day Jason!! We love you!

HEIDI: At almost 8 months pregnant, Heidi is "feeling it." :) She is trying hard to keep up with the girls and do fun things, but lots of exhaustion, especially with the heat. She has had fun with what she's been able to do, though, and is thankful that she's to the point where she can say "almost there!" She did a lot of shuttling to lessons this month - 2 different lessons for McKinley & swimming every day for 2 weeks for Kezia. She's thankful that's over with and July can be a little more relaxing. She has been reading Gone with the Wind and trying to find creative ways for the girls to not have contention now that they are around each other 24/7. She enjoyed visiting with Anna Packard when they went to SLC and she also really enjoyed the SIDS mom dinner - especially meeting 2 moms that she had connected with online, but never met in person. One somewhat humerous incident happened after our SIDS mom dinner. It was about 10:00 and Heidi's phone was dead when she pulled up to the gate at the Potts' place. She didn't know the code. She couldn't call because her phone was dead, so she decided to just go ahead & jump over the gate to the side of the big gate. It was an interesting feat with her pregnant belly, and she ripped a toenail, but she did it :) Hopefully whoever has that security tape got a good laugh out of it :)

-McKinley got to go to sewing camp this month and got to sew a bag, an owl pillow, and start a bib for the new baby. She learned a lot & used her sewing machine more than it's been used since she got it! She hopes to continue to use her skills for good :)
-She also attended Girls Go Digital for the 2nd year at SUU. This year it was 4 days instead of 2, so she got to learn even more than last year! She enjoyed seeing Dannon and Sopie was in her group, too. She also met a new girl, Leila, and she had fun!
-We made an angry bird pinata for make-it monday and when it was finally ready to smash, we got some friends together and all had a whack at it. Just before it was McKinley's turn, mom said "everyone PLEASE stand back more! I've been hit by a pinata stick & it isn't fun!" So, then McKinley swings at the pinata and WHACKS her mom right in the armpit. OUCH!!
-McKinley's old bike was too small & Ireland was riding it all the time, so we decided to get her a new one. The first one we got her was purple, and she liked it a lot, but something happened to the gears one day and it wouldn't work, so we returned it. She went back twice more to decide which bike to get. She finally decided on the "cuter" one, but now she's not sure she really likes that one, either :/ Hopefully she'll get used to it and change her mind. We love that she loves to ride her bike!
-McKinley and Karmiyah have played a LOT this month. Almost every day. They decided that they wanted to make a blanket for our friend's new baby (the Prices), so COMPLETELY all by themselves, they made a cute little blanket. It was so thoughtful!
-One evening the Prices & Johnsons decided they were going to have "dress up" night games. McKinley borrowed a blue dress from Karmiyah and they had fun playing over there.
-For Father's Day, McKinley sang "Daddy's Girl" by 1 Girl Nation to Jason. She had been practicing it for months and months and she did a beautiful job. Her daddy loved it.
-Ireland decided to take the summer off for lessons, so she has had more time to play with friends, etc. She will start back up with gymnastics in the fall.
-Ireland has mostly played with Anna, Emmy, and Adelaide this summer so far. She loves to play Littlest Pet Shops with Addie.
-Mom and Ireland went to Kennady Hatch's baptism on the 11th, and as we were sitting there, mom looked over and saw 2 ladybugs in Ireland's hair!
-Ireland really loves hula-hooping and one night she went for 10 MINUTES STRAIGHT and could have kept going!
-One day Ireland took a cereal box and made a whole fairy apartment inside, complete with furniture, food, etc. It was so cute :)
-The day finally came this month! Ireland officially has BRACES! She has 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom. Now we just have to really keep reminding her to brush and floss her teeth and take really good care of her hardware. She looks so much more grown up now, though! :(
-While we were roasting marshmallows one night, Ireland stepped on a scalding hot dog stick and really burned the bottom of her foot :(
-Ireland has had some anger issues this month, including yelling mean things and throwing things and holding her breath and things like that to get "back" at mom. We are hoping to find a good therapist that can give some tools and understanding to help us out.
-Kezia had swimming lessons this month and she had been looking forward to them for a LONG time. She had a girl teacher, but she was the only girl student with about 5 boys. She held her own, though, and did really well. She passed to level 2. Great job Kezia! It was also fun to see Jake & Courtney Riddle because they had lessons at the same time as Kezi :)
-One day McKinley was making a card for grandma and she was trying to come up with an "M" word. She was saying "Marvelous as a... " Kezia shouted out "MEATBALL!"
-Kezia had been riding around on the tiny 12'' bike, which was way too small for her, but her daddy finally fixed the 16'' bike, which fits her so much better & she was so happy!
-Kezi was riding her scooter in the front one day, and saw that Noelle was getting in the road, so she put it down in our neighbor (the Schoppmann's) driveway and went to help her sister. Unfortunately, she forgot about her scooter & Brooke accidentally ran it over. Kezia was a sad little girl. It still kind of works, but not very well :(
-Kezia has played a lot with Anna and Adelaide. In fact, Anna is 9, but Kezia likes to invite her over to play a LOT :)

We have seen some pretty awesome rainbows this month and are so happy whenever we see them because we automatically think of you, sweet boy. Mom did a VERY hard thing this month and went through your clothes again. She sent some to Aunt Tiffany for your cousin Max, and she sent a couple to the lady that makes the bears for Noelle and your new sister. It took a lot of tears and heartbreak, but she is thankful that your clothes are getting used & we're pretty sure you are glad, too. Now, the next step is to make a quilt out of the remaining clothes :) It was wonderful to share your story and your pictures with my other SIDS mom friends. I love to talk about you, my beloved Link. Please keep watching over your new sister and help us come up with a name!

-Our sweet girl. Sometimes your smarts just completely catch us off guard! You are using words like "delicious" and "wonderful" and "beautiful" It's so adorable. And you are growing too fast!!
-Noelle has just started randomly saying people she loves. We'll be driving in the car and she will say "I love Karmiyah." "I love Anna" "I love Grandma" "I love Grandpa." It's SO cute!
-For a while, Noelle was calling band-aids "angers" for a while. She would come inside with an owie and say "I need an anger." We're not exactly sure where that came from, but she uses it a lot because she LOVES band-aids!
-Another common phrase lately has been "Watch me mom!" or "Look at me mom!" as she puts on dress up or tries to do a somersault or goes down her slide. She also has been saying "take a picture, mom!"
-Noelle REALLY wants to be big like her sisters. Whenever they are outside, she can't stand being inside, even though she keeps running into the street, making mom crazy and stressed. She loves to ride her red wiggle car while they ride their bikes. She still can't quite reach the peddles on her tricycle, but she's close! And then we'll REALLY be in trouble!
-Noelle has started to really love to be things other than a little girl. She will say "I'm a frog! Ribbit Ribbit!" and hop around or "I'm a dog! and she will bark and crawl.
-Noelle has learned the art of tattling from her sisters :) She has come to mom and said "Ireland hit me!" or "Kezia pushed me!" with a VERY sad look on her face. Unfortunately, she's also learned to do the hitting and pushing from her sisters, too, so it's usually not one-sided anymore :(
-The past couple weeks, our fantastic eater & sleeper has disappeared!! :( Not only does she hardly ever want what mom makes for dinner anymore (she won't even try ONE bite!), she has decided that she doesn't really need a nap! 2 or 3 times, she has just had to go without one after crying for an hour or more. And nights have even started to be difficult, too! We are REALLY hoping this is a VERY short phase and she is back to being a solid eater AND sleeper before her baby sister comes!