Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day. I am SO thankful to all the men & women who sacrifice so, so much on our behalf. This video says it all.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Status Update

Status Update: I'm extremely tired & emotional right now.

Moving makes me tired & emotional.

I'm thinking moving is one of those things, like childbirth & marathons... you forget the misery until you are in the throes of it.

So here's the scoop: We sold our Herriman home and are supposed to be out by tomorrow. Needless to say, we've been busy. Where are we moving to? Would you believe a 7000 sq foot home in Park City? ...No? Me neither.
Actually, my wonderful generous parents have opened their home to us & have been so sweet in making this transition easier for us. (THANK YOU MOM & DAD)
So - where do we go from here? Well, we're not quite sure on that one. You can bet it's been a matter of prayer for us. Build in Heber/Midway? Buy? or... maybe the Lord has a different adventure for us. We shall see. But we have felt so blessed along the way - and we feel peace that this is what the Lord wants us to do at this time in our lives.

I am excited because we are moving. We always knew that Herriman wasn't our permanent home & I'm excited to be moving on.
And I'm really sad because, well... we're moving. I didn't think I would be this sad. But as I've packed up our home, I realize how much I'm going to miss this place. If the walls could talk, they would tell you all about our lives - about the laughter shared, the tears shed, the dancing, the eating, the running, the playing, the cuddling, the LOVING. We have spent 3 and a half years here. 2 daughters have been brought home or BORN here. I stand on our back deck & look in every direction & see homes filled with people that I have grown to love. I truly, truly LOVE my neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors, I am so thankful for both the neighbors, family & friends who have watched our children as we've packed & for the neighbors who came last Saturday to help us move all our crap , junk valuable items to an enormous storage unit. Seriously, people! What happened to the days when you could fit all your earthly belongings in a covered wagon? What happened to the days when kids only had one toy - like a wooden train or a doll that entertained them for days on end?
Sorry! got sidetracked. Truly, though, you guys were LIVESAVERS! Thank you!

So, farewell Herriman chapter of our lives. You will be fondly remembered. Farewell neighbors - you will be sorely missed. I am so thankful for this electronic age when we can stay in touch so easily. And don't be surprised if I contact you for playdates! As MUCH as I love my folks, it will be nice to get out of the house once in a while :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

These Is My Words

Most of my book reviews are on, but I had to just put down a few of my favorite parts/topics of These Is My Words before I give it back to the library. I'm thinkin' this has got to be made into a movie soon! It was a great book.

"Mama said I must relax more, and Savannah said, try to work with it. But there is no working with something that feels as if your legs are being torn off by the roots, and your insides are being cut with axe blades."

and, on her second:
"All at once, I had a sharp, terrible gripping in my insides, and I doubled over & couldn't breathe for a minute. Then there was a few more tight feelings, then another terrible pain. Suddenly, I remembered everything about having a baby just as clear as yesterday. I couldn't remember not remembering."

"All day long I had been at my wit's end alone with these children, and just barely heated up some scraps of beef from yesterday... and here came Jack and some other soldier I don't even know as company for dinner, and on top of that asked me to cut his hair and draw him a bath as he was too tired to haul the water.
...I turned to Jack Elliot and said, If you are too tired to haul water, you are too tired to bathe in it, and i am fit to be tied. Your supper is on the stove and your children are driving me to distraction and April has lost the scissors under the house through a crack in the floor so there will be no haircut tonight. If that don't please you, then I will put on a uniform and ride out of here tomorrow morning and chase around the countryside and you can wear this apron and tend these crying children and this drafty house from dark to dark and then tell me you think I should haul you a bath."

"Mama told me to make a special point to remember the best times of my life. There are so many hard things to live through, and latching on to the good things will give you strength to endure, she says. So I must remember this day. It is beautiful and this seems like the best time to live and the best place... we are a noisy and blessed little family."

"My life feels like a book left out on the porch, and the wind blows the pages faster & faster, turning always toward a new chapter faster than I can stop & read it."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TEN-der years of Marriage

This is a pretty gushy post, so for those who can't stand it... just turn away.
My sweetheart and I are celebrating a DECADE of marriage today. WAHOO!! We watched our wedding video for FHE on Monday and I have to admit that it's already looking pretty dated. We both look so young. We've gained a few pounds, a few more wrinkles, and a few more gray hairs since that day. But, we've also gained 2 great dogs, an education, a nice home, 3 beautiful daughters, and a whole heap more love.

So, in honor of #10, here's a couple lists I have made:

10 Memories from this past 10 years of marriage:
1. Pre-kids - sleeping in late on the weekends & eating homemade pancakes & syrup when we finally got up.
2. Taking some of the same classes in college. You paid attention while I wrote love notes to you on the calculator.
3. Going to the temple every week the summer after we were married.
4. Going grocery shopping & not spending over $30.
5. You dropping dad & I off at the top of a mountain while we ran down & you fished.
6. You not only being by my side, but holding my hand, and coaching me through each birth of our 3 daughters. Your voice was like a life saving ring amid the sea of pain I was going through. Most times it was all I could focus on to keep me from going under. Seeing you hold each gift from heaven was a true blessing.
7. Graduating from Snow College and the UofU with you was just simply awesome. What a pinnacle of celebration for all that hard work!
8. All of our anniversary vacations, including lots of Bed & Breakfasts, Hawaii, Canary Islands, cruise to the Easter Caribbean.
9. Building our first home. So many long hours doing that putting in that tile & painting! I didn't think we'd ever be able to move in - but we did & it was wonderful.
10. "Where's my 20 minutes?" at the end of every night. We try to spend at LEAST 20 minutes - no TV, no computer, no phones - and just re-connect, talk about the day & cuddle. I look forward to that 20 minutes every day.

10 things I love about my sweetheart (Note that I don't love him BECAUSE of these things - I would love him even if he didn't posses these qualities)
1. I LOVE that he is a cuddler. I remember the first morning after our wedding, I woke up, looked at my husband, and cried. I was so thankful that for the first time we didn't have to say goodnight & go our separate ways. STILL, my favorite part of the day is laying down with my hubby at night after prayers & cuddling as we fall asleep. With his arms wrapped around me, everything seems right with the world.
2. I love my husband's tender-heartedness. Last night I wasn't feeling well & he completely took over. Told me to lay down & he made the kids dinner & put them to bed.
3. I love his beautiful green eyes. I'm still holding out that one of our children will get them. They're so gorgeous.
4. I love his determination. When he was looking for a job, I have never seen someone so determined. I'm talking a multi-tab spreadsheet, with HUNDREDS on contacts he was making every day. He worked so hard - and I know it was his determination, along with the Lord's blessings that helped us to find a job.
5. His humility. I've said this before, but I'm so thankful that on days where I am just ornery and naggy, he is patient and doesn't get defensive.
6. I love that he is such a great daddy. I was thinking last night as I was laying in bed not feeling well, how thankful I am that he is such a hands-on daddy. He knows just how to put the kids to bed - including Kezia. They love him SO much. It's been such an adjustment for Ireland especially to have her daddy gone. STILL, she will try to go get him for breakfast in the morning. 7. I love his family. They are all such wonderful people and I'm thankful that I get to be a part of their lives.
8. I love that we are on the same page with so many things. We both love the outdoors. We both value education. We both believe in living debt-free. We truly try & council with each other & the Lord on our big decisions in life.
9. I love his smile & his laugh. When he gets home & his girls all rush him at the door, his smile & laugh seem to ease every burden in my heart.
10. I LOVE that he loves the gospel. This job-loss trial this past year has changed my man. Instead of rebelling against God, which he most certainly could have done, he truly humbled himself. His temple attendance, study of the scriptures, and prayer have increased many fold. He makes me want to do better in all aspects of my life.

I LOVE YOU JASON DAVID HAMILTON! 10 down, eternity to go!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why Motherhood?

Ahhh, motherhood.

Some people question having babies...

Why have a baby? GoodBYE spontaneity, goodbye freedom. So much responsibility. So much money they take, not to mention patience and TIME.

You may think that...


You hold that perfect baby in your cry at the fact that you are a mommy to this sweet, precious spirit. Every little thing about this human being is fascinating to you. You watch and are amazed at how she grows and learns and masters things. Her questions keep you on your toes and you know she's always watching you & believing what you say. Your heart melts when she gives you a big hug & tells you she loves you.

Why have another baby? Especially so close to the first? Don't you know you're asking for crazy chaos? Just enjoy the first one & don't have another one so soon. They're SO much work!

You may think that...


You see her for the first time. Right away you notice the similarities & differences from her sister. You see your first daughter hold the baby for the first time & KNOW that they have known each other before. She IS a lot of work, but SO worth it - her zeal, her spunk, her "happiness of pursuit" fills your life with energy. You watch as your girls play together, cry together, laugh together & pray that they will always be close.

Seriously, number 3? Can't you just let the 2 girls be & enjoy each other without adding to the drain on your time, energy, and sanity? 3 kids will for sure put you over the edge! Right now it's 2 parents on 2 kids & that is all you can do!

You may think that...


You hear her first cry & her tiny body is next to yours. You look into her never-ending blue eyes & KNOW she is yours. You hear her laughs and see her smiles & can't think of anything anywhere that can be sweeter. In the darkness, you rock her and feed her and your heart swells with love. You cannot imagine how you lived without her.

It doesn't matter where you have been to in this great big wide world - or what you have seen - nothing beats the adventure of motherhood. My sister is expecting her first baby in the next month and I tell her she has no idea what she is getting herself into. And I mean that for the wonderful and difficult. I want to give her lots of advice & prepare her, but I realize that there is really not much that will prepare her for the indescribable journey she is about to embark on.

I am SO extremely thankful that I've been given the chance to be a mom. We are not very well-off, but I consider myself the richest person in this world when I think of the three treasures that call me mommy.
I also have to give credit to my mom on this Mothers Day. My appreciation, admiration of, and love for her grow every day as I think of all the sacrifices she has given me.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April Newsletter & Slideshow

Man, this one was hard to sit down & get together for some reason... but here ya go!

-Mom was getting after Ireland for something & said “Ireland- are you listening to me?” McKinley overheard & chimed in “or are you listening to SATAN?”
-McKinley has progressed SO much with her reading. She really can read short 3-letter-word books all by herself. It is so exciting to watch her really “get it” and learn.
-Mom & McKinley have been reading the Chronicles of Narnia for Mommy & McKinley time. It’s been so neat to share this magical world with her. We have finished The Magician’s Nephew and The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe & are now on to The Horse & His Boy.
-McKinley came running up to mom one day & said “Mom!! Ireland’s got the cheese shredder! She’s going to shred herself!” (She learned this from experience as she “shredded” her finger one day while helping to shred the cheese)
-McKinley has really wanted to fix her own hair lately. She will put a headband in and put 4-5 flowers or bows on it. Mom lets her do this sometimes if she will let her fix her hair for things like church & preschool.
-One day while mom was fixing McKinley’s hair, she said “Mom – we can kill animals!” Mom was a little taken-aback. “What do you mean?” She said “They have stuff for us.” Upon further explanation, she was talking about killing animals for food. Sounds like a conversation her daddy had with her.
-McKinley still asks constantly about when mom & dad were kids – “when you were a kid, did you ____?”
-One of McKinley’s prayers “Please help us move to a house with Curious George”
-McKinley’s word mix-ups have been humorous lately. She said “Mom – don’t forget my googles!” (instead of goggles – when we went swimming) and “Look mom – I can do a skirtsy!” (instead of curtsy, though it’s appropriate because she was indeed wearing a skirt)
-Mom took the girls to story time at the library this month. They were learning about frogs & it was so cute.
-McKinley likes to stand on the wall almost every day & ask how tall she is compared to yesterday.
-McKinley & mom were talking about tomatoes. Mom said she really liked them. McKinley said “Well, if you tasted like me, you wouldn’t like them”
-McKinley is getting to be a really big girl & can pour the milk all by herself (providing it’s ½ full or less)
-McKinley hurt her finger one day & said “Mom –but it just hurts so bad that I can’t stop saying OUCH!”
-We couldn’t find McKinley’s other flip flop when we were heading out the door one day. She said “Well, I guess I’ll just have to be like Cinderella!”
-McKinley’s prayers have included “if it be thy will” a LOT. McKinley was saying a prayer one night & whispered into mommy’s ear so Ireland couldn’t hear “and please help that I can get out of the room when Ireland falls asleep if it be thy will”
-We watched Snow White for the first time & at the end when the Price kisses Snow White & she wakes up, McKinley said “Well, he doesn’t have magic, mom – he has the Priesthood.”
-McKinley has been learning a LOT in Primary about choosing the right. One day Ireland was pestering her & McKinley says in a very angry voice “Ireland! CTR – Choose the Right!!”

-Ireland & Kezia have a special bond. Kezia gets SO excited to see Ireland when she gets out of her crib – and when Ireland wakes up from naps or nighttime, we lay Kezia next to her & they look at each other. Ireland makes this high-pitched screeching noise to Kezia that is really loud & annoying, but Kezia seems to love it.
-When Ireland prays, usually she says “Thank you Heavenly Father…Thank you for the day…and thank you for the day… and thank you for the day… and thank you for the day…Jesus Christ Amen”
-Ireland had a period that was really hard where she was scared to be alone & would cry & didn’t want to take a nap & always wanted to know where mommy was.
-Ireland went for a few days without a nap. After church one Sunday, she just knelt down on the floor & fell right asleep.
-Ireland spilled water on the floor, so mommy told her to get a rag & clean it up. There she was on the floor with the rag in one hand, holding the drink of water in her other hand. She would lean over to wipe up the water & more would spill out of her cup. It was a humorous sight.
-Ireland has learned some new tricks this month! She can (and does) open the fridge & the freezer all by herself & tries to get into it. Also –she is finally tall enough to reach the lights without a stool or a book! Now we have lights on & off all over the house. She also has learned how to undo the deadbolt lock, so we have to keep a close eye on her. AND she has really learned how to ride McKinley’s “scooter bike” and has basically taken it over. She will ride it & say “look mom! I’m doing good!”
-One day I put Ireland down for a nap & she said “I forgot…”like she usually does (to give McKinley a hug or something), but this time she says “I forgot! To get outta here!”
-Mom came downstairs one day & Ireland was pointing to the blinds saying “turn the sun up!”
-Ireland has been quite the copy-cat of her sister the past little while & will say almost everything McKinley says. So far McKinley hasn’t seemed bothered by it, but who knows for how long.
-One morning after Ireland got up, she looked up in the pantry & said “Mom, I’m hungry… for sugar!” Hmmm – maybe we need to re-examine our diet.
-One day Ireland marched right up to mom & said “I’m upset!”
-Ireland sees pictures of Jesus & says “look – Jesus Christ amen!”
-For some reason, Ireland really doesn’t like cheese sprinkled on top of her food & she will get upset if you put cheese on her food.
-Ireland was SO excited when Joshua & Michael came over one day. She RAN over there & shouted “Hi! Hi! I love you!”
-If you ask Ireland “How are you?” she will often answer “I’m just kidding.” (which, really, is true. She is just “kid”ing)
-Ireland has the sweatiest hands & feet of anyone we know. It makes stickers and band-aids difficult to adhere.

-We are bewildered that our baby girl is already 6 months! She is such a doll!
-She can hold and (sort of) drink out of a sippy cup now!
-She has started solids & seems to really like sweet potatoes.
-Kezia is THISCLOSE to crawling! She can get her bum up and on her hands & knees now. She can move backwards easier than forwards, but if she REALLY wants something, she will do a modified army crawl to get it.
-Kezi is quite adept at rolling over both ways now.
-Kezia is pretty consistently sitting up by herself now. Once in a while she’ll still topple over, but mostly she’s fine – and when she does topple, it usually doesn’t phase her.
-She has started splashing in the tub & gets so excited when we run the water for her bath – she starts kicking her legs & panting.
-Kezi squirmed out of her Bumbo seat on to her tummy while we were at the table. I guess she’s too big for the Bumbo now!
-All these newly acquired skills (sitting up, almost crawling, flipping over) have thrown off her sleeping. She will flip over & get really flustered. We’ve had many crying fits just trying to get her calmed down enough to fall asleep.
-At Kezi’s 6 month appt, she was 33% for weight & 80% for height.
-Kezia has been a pretty good night sleeper since we took away the binki. Usually she wakes up between 5 & 6am & goes back to sleep till 8am.
-She still is a nursing champ & will eat every 3-4 hours.