Friday, April 20, 2012


Kind of a strange title to announce that we are pregnant with our 4th child, don't you think? (and NO Edgar is not in the running for boy names!) Well, you'll understand more later...

YES! We are expecting #4 sometime about the middle of November. And we are feeling very blessed to have this opportunity - especially after we miscarried in February (more on that below). It's kind of been a long road with this fourth child, but we are truly thankful.

Now - on to Edgar. Do you remember this clip from the movie Men in Black?

Of course you do! It's one of my favorite parts. Mostly because I love that lady's accent. Seriously. Hilarious.

So... I've been feeling a lot like Edgar lately. I haven't told a lot of people that I'm expecting, and so I've been walking around wearing my "Heidi Suit" - trying to act like I normally do - even when I am constantly fighting this battle within myself. If you've been following my blog, you may remember how I felt when I was pregnant with Kezia. Well, I think each of my pregnancies get progressively worse. Thankfully, this time I am trying Zofran & it is helping. It does help me not get sick as much, but I still feel nauseated most of the day and I am looking forward to the day when I don't see food as the enemy. Heartburn, nausea, tossing & turning all night. My poor kids are definitely missing their "real mommy" as I am as grouchy, bossy, and "not myself" as Edgar ever was.
Things will get better. I am taking everything a day at a time, but again, if you are reading this & I have offended you in the past few months, please understand it was an "Edgar" moment and I was not myself. Truly, I have had "Edgar moments" farther back than that. I didn't really tell anyone about my miscarriage for a while either, and walked around with my "Heidi suit" and tried to pretend that everything was okay, but I was truly hurting inside. I'm thankful for family & friends who knew & showed their love & support & who continue to do so.
The girls are excited to have another sibling. We told McKinley first & her jaw just dropped open & she paced back & forth in our room with both her hands on her cheeks, saying "I'm just so excited, I'm just so excited..." And she came into our room 3 more times that night after we had put her to bed to ask questions and express her excitedness :) We told her she couldn't tell anyone just yet, which really disappointed her, so we suggested she write in her journal about how she felt. And here is the picture of what she drew. I love that girl.

Translation: I am too excited because my mom has a baby in her tummy

Saturday, April 14, 2012


So - it's been a few years since these girls have gotten a good haircut. We figured it was about time!


Here's our "before" mops

A little cut here and a trim there, and VIOLA!! We're new women! Bring on the Springtime!! (no - I mean - seriously - bring on the springtime. We have 2 inches of snow on the ground right now :(

Thursday, April 12, 2012

March Newsletter & Slideshow

I know... I know... this blog is ridiculously behind and super-stale right now. I promise I will post more in the next week or two. For now... here's some of what we were up to in March!

FAMILY: We started off the month putting our Enoch lots up for sale & then looking for homes. So far – nothing we’ve been interested in enough to make an offer. On the 3rd, we headed down to St. George for a temple trip with the Barons. It was a wonderful sealing session & we went out to eat & for a visit at Café Rio afterwards. Thanks Hamiltons for watching the girls!! We have spent more time outside now that the weather is (mostly) getting warmer. Lots of walks on the pathway and to parks. The 6th was Heidi’s 33rd birthday & daddy & the girls made it nice & special. For more on her birthday, see her section. On the 14th, we went to IFA to see the new chicks and ducklings. The girls loved petting them! Afterwards, we headed to Dairy Queen for some ice cream J We headed to St. George for the weekend on the 16th. It was Camri’s birthday & we had fun celebrating with the family. We slept over & then the next day there was an air show for the blue angels. We were able to see quite a bit from Jeff’s backyard. It was pretty neat! It was also St. Patrick’s Day, so the girls wore their green and we went to the park. After the show, they had a yummy BBQ and Grandma & Grandpa Devenish came over. On the 18th, after church, the Engmans stopped by for dinner & a visit on their way to St. George. It was great to see them! On the 24th, we spent a lot of time at the South Elementary playground & BOTH GIRLS learned to ride their bikes without training wheels! We are so proud of them! That next day, Sunday, after church – Jason had to drive to Vernal for a week-long appropriations meeting. We sure missed him while he was gone!! L Heidi helped with the ward party which the Young Women were in charge of on the 29th. It turned out really fun. We had an ice cream/dance party & the girls had a lot of fun. Jason came home on Friday evening, the 30th and we got to spend some time with him that night & then in the morning (he made pancakes!) before Heidi & the girls headed to SLC to spend Spring Break up there with her family & meet our new nephew, Spencer Alburt Simon, who was born on the 31st. Congrats Simons!!

JASON: Jason continues to be very busy at work and his week in Vernal for the appropriations meeting only increased his workload. He did learn a lot, though, and even ran into his cousin, Daniel, at Café Rio while he was there. Jason continues to save us money by learning new things! He replaced the brake pads on the truck all by himself – way to go babe! He enjoyed spending some time with his brother when we slept over in St. George – and seeing the Blue Angels. He sure missed his girls when they went to SLC at the end of the month.

HEIDI: Heidi’s 33rd birthday was really great for the most part. Jason & the girls put together a candy bar poster that read: “Totheone (instead of Toblerone) and only MOM! Be Twix us we want you to know that you are no whatchamacalit! We hope you Take5 for yourself and have a somewhat mello (instead of caramello) Birthday. We love you.” It was really sweet. That night our neighbor Jen watched the girls & Jason & Heidi went to Bruon’s Italian Restaurant and then to the movie This Means War. It was really fun & cute. At the end of the month, Heidi helped the YW put together the Spring Ice Cream social. It was our ward party & it was a lot of fun.


-After church & lunch on a Sunday in March, we all wanted to take naps – except McKinley. It was fast Sunday, so that meant no electronics. So… she got really creative while everyone was sleeping. She got lunch bags & labeled them for every member of our family & then filled them with various things – otter pops, carrots, frozen peas, necklaces, books, etc. It was very sweet – thank you McKinley!

-On mom’s birthday, Grandma Devenish drove all the way here to go with McKinley to her grandparents day. It was so neat!

-Mom & McKinley met with Mrs. Jones this month for Parent-Teacher conferences. Mrs. Jones talked about how much she LOVED having McKinley in her class & how well she was doing with everything. Also- her test scores were 2-4 times higher than the goals. We are SO proud of how well our McKinley is doing in school!

-Mom mentioned that on the 9th, McKinley was going to be 6 and a half. WELL! After that she expected breakfast in bed for her half birthday. Mom obliged – this year J

-McKinley says that Jared in her class thinks she’s really pretty and wants to marry her every day. She really likes Jared – but just as a friend – she still has a crush on Kaden.

-For Primary opening exercises, McKinley sang “Whenever I see..” Mom came to see her sing & it brought tears to her eyes. She did such a great job & sang so pretty.

-We went to South Elementary & daddy helped McKinley learn to ride her bike without training wheels! It didn’t even take very long. WAY TO GO McKINLEY!

-Mom & McKinley read “Charlotte’s Web” this month & McKinley really liked it. One night it was too late for books, but McKinley was begging for Charlotte’s Web. She said “Pleeease mom? Just one VERSE of Wilbur?”

-We got Charlotte’s Web from Netflix & watched it one night while daddy was out of town. It was a lot of fun.


-One day Ireland ran outside & then a second later she ran back in & proclaimed “MOM! Spring is here! The sun is out and I heard a BIRD SING!”
-We worry a bit about how much Ireland cares about what other people think. One Sunday she said “My dress is too poufy!! Everyone is going to laugh at me!!”
-One day while playing dress-up, Ireland informed mom “I wanna be a Jaguar cheerleader when I grow up!!” Mom was so proud :)
-It’s so cute when Ireland plays pretend & she says “And I’m gonna need YOUR HELP!” – just like Dora says it.
-Mom asked Ireland who she was going to marry when she grew up. She said “Ummm – a Jason – not Daddy, but another Jason.”
-One Sunday after church, Ireland’s Sunbeam teacher told mom that she was the most reverent in the class that day. WAY TO GO IRELAND!!
-On our Sunday interviews, we asked Ireland if she was ready to start sleeping in her Dora bed again (she’s been sleeping with McKinley for a while now). She said “NO! McKinley is my best friend and I love her! And she’s my big sister, too!”
-Ireland had KINDERGARTEN registration this month! Mom & Dad could hardly believe it was time. She did so great & passed all her tests 100% - the colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and the eye test. We’re just still working on getting her name right every time, but GREAT JOB Ireland!
-When we were at the St. George Hamiltons, we were playing in the front yard & Daken was swinging golf clubs. Unfortunately, Ireland got too close & Daken accidentally whacked her in the jaw with the metal club. She cried for a while, but was OK. It did leave a big bruise for a while, though
-One day Ireland was playing with the play doctor things. She had the little mirror thing & was looking in mom’s ear & said “I think your ear has cavities.”
-Ireland has learned to take advantage of mom not feeling well & she will say “Mom – go take a rest!” which inevitably means – “go somewhere else so I can get into things I’m not supposed to!”
-We went to South Elementary & daddy helped McKinley learn to ride her bike without training wheels. We asked if Ireland wanted to try & at first she said no, but then after about a ½ hour, she wanted hers off, too. Daddy helped her a couple times, but she just took off! Such a fast learner. GREAT JOB IRELAND!


-One Friday mom asked “what should we do for Friday Fun Day?” Kezia said “Go trick-or-treating!!”

-If mom finds a spill or something broken, Kezia will automatically pipe in “I did it!”
-Kezia has had a REALLY hard time going to nursery lately for some reason
L She just screams & doesn’t want to go in. We’re hoping it’s a fast phase!

-When mom & dad were at the movies for mom’s birthday, Kezia & her sisters were getting watching at our neighbor's house. They have a cat & we’re not sure just what happened, but the cat scratched Kezia’s eyeball. We took her to dr. & he gave us some eye drops, but it didn’t clear up, so we went to the eye specialist & he gave us stronger antibiotics and steroids. He said if it was 5mm over, it would have damaged her eye permanently. The eye drops were no fun to put it – Kezia hated them, but her eye does look a lot better. The sad part is that they had an appointment to get the cat de-clawed for 3 days after it happened.

-Kezia calls string cheese, stick cheese.

-When mom walks into a room where Kezia is making a big mess/getting into trouble, she will say “I’ll clean up mom! I’ll clean up!”

-Kezi really only watches 2 shows – Diego and Dora. It’s kind of sad she won’t watch anything else. But she is really cute when she’s playing pretend with her binoculars & saying “there’s an animal in trouble!!”

-Kezia’s prayers have been extra long lately. And she will get to the end and say “Ame….and help grandma feel better, and help grandpa feel better…” and on & on. One time she said “and please bless Ireland to get sick…” We’re not sure about that one!

-Kezia likes to talk about when she was a little baby. She says “And I used to be borned!”

-One day Kezia said to mom “I need my yellow water!” good thing mom knew she meant her yellow CUP.

-Kezia was playing with the gray playphone in the kitchen & she said “someone is texting me mom!”