Tuesday, May 18, 2010

These Is My Words

Most of my book reviews are on www.goodreads.com, but I had to just put down a few of my favorite parts/topics of These Is My Words before I give it back to the library. I'm thinkin' this has got to be made into a movie soon! It was a great book.

"Mama said I must relax more, and Savannah said, try to work with it. But there is no working with something that feels as if your legs are being torn off by the roots, and your insides are being cut with axe blades."

and, on her second:
"All at once, I had a sharp, terrible gripping in my insides, and I doubled over & couldn't breathe for a minute. Then there was a few more tight feelings, then another terrible pain. Suddenly, I remembered everything about having a baby just as clear as yesterday. I couldn't remember not remembering."

"All day long I had been at my wit's end alone with these children, and just barely heated up some scraps of beef from yesterday... and here came Jack and some other soldier I don't even know as company for dinner, and on top of that asked me to cut his hair and draw him a bath as he was too tired to haul the water.
...I turned to Jack Elliot and said, If you are too tired to haul water, you are too tired to bathe in it, and i am fit to be tied. Your supper is on the stove and your children are driving me to distraction and April has lost the scissors under the house through a crack in the floor so there will be no haircut tonight. If that don't please you, then I will put on a uniform and ride out of here tomorrow morning and chase around the countryside and you can wear this apron and tend these crying children and this drafty house from dark to dark and then tell me you think I should haul you a bath."

"Mama told me to make a special point to remember the best times of my life. There are so many hard things to live through, and latching on to the good things will give you strength to endure, she says. So I must remember this day. It is beautiful and this seems like the best time to live and the best place... we are a noisy and blessed little family."

"My life feels like a book left out on the porch, and the wind blows the pages faster & faster, turning always toward a new chapter faster than I can stop & read it."


Lena Baron said...

Ahhh, perfect pick for our library trip today!! Thanks for sharing!

Britany said...

Love, love, love this book!!!

Johanna said...

This is one of my all time favorite books. I am so glad you loved it too. The sequal is good and worth the read but not as wonderful as the first. thanks for the quotes, it makes me want to read it again. how is the house selling/hunting in pc going?

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Haven't read it but now I need to!! We need to get together so I can give you the copy of "The Hunger Games".