Monday, July 6, 2009

June Slideshow & newsletter

I know I'm going back in time, but I was behind with my June slideshow & newsletter, so here it is now...


Girls Adventures...

McKINLEY: Here’s some of McKinley’s adventures this past month:

-McKinley had her last preschool party this month! She had fun acting out the 3 little pigs, doing an obstacle course, swimming in the backyard, playing in the sandbox, singing Happy Birthday to Jack, having cupcakes, and getting a certificate. Great job this year McKinley!
-McKinley still has a hard time saying Sydney. We keep trying to go slow Syd…ney! But every time she says Syn…dy!
-We were driving to Smith’s one day & drove by a house with some horses. McKinley said she wanted a horse - she said “Mom…if we got a baby horse, I’d be SO proud of you!” Mom told her that they were really big and hard to take care of. McKinley didn’t relent. She said “Mom – I would take care of it! I neeeed another pet because my fish Dezi died!”
-McKinley likes to talk & sing to & tickle the baby in mom’s tummy
-McKinley seems to have gotten more in tune with time lately. She asks why things take forever. One time we were driving home & she said “mom – why does life take forever?”
-We got doughnuts from Krispy Kreme & dad hid some of them in the microwave. Mom told McKinley that she couldn’t find them, so McKinley prayed “Heavenly Father, please bless there to be more doughnuts.” Sure enough, mom found those doughnuts about 30 minutes later!
-One day, McKinley asked “Dad- do I have honor?”
-We decorated dad’s card for Father’s Day & McKinley drew a stick figure on the back. Mom thought it might be dad, but McKinley said it was “Lizzy! She’s dancing!”
-One day out of the blue, McKinley said “Mom – I hate the Laminates!”
-McKinley is really starting to get the hang of the days of the week. She knows Sunday is church, Monday is Family Home Evening, Saturday is cleaning, etc…
-Mom was asking where dad was going. McKinley said “To Jerusalem
-We’ve been working a lot with McKinley this month about tattling. She tattles quite A LOT on her friends & sister, so we’re working on only having her tell us if it’s a big mess or someone is hurt.
-McKinley’s sense of smell has apparently gotten fine-tuned recently. She will tell us the things she smells all the time. One day she said she smelled something. Mom asked what it was & she said “…a spider!”
-McKinley has started to wipe off our kisses :(

IRELAND: Here’s what our cute girl was up to last month:
-Mom heard her say to the dog “Sydney, NO NO! Time out!”
-We were at the Riverton Arts Festival & having lots of fun, but at the end, Ireland fell back on the metal bleachers & hit her head. She had quite the goose-egg and was hurting for a while. Poor girl L
-Ireland loves to chew on almonds, but for some reason will NOT swallow them. She waits until she can spit it out all chewed up.
-Ireland has started to close doors – AND OPEN THEM!
-When Ireland colors, she usually says she’s coloring a rainbow & will sing the Signing Time rainbow song.
-whenever we talk about the baby in mommy’s tummy, Ireland wants mom to lift up her shirt and show her tummy, so Ireland can blow on it.
-Mom asked Ireland what she was doing one day. Ireland said “Makin’ a mess!”
-One day at the table, Ireland said “Mom!” Mom said “Yes?” then Ireland let out a HUGE burp!
-Ireland has decided that she needs to be equal at the dinner table. She would rather sit at a regular chair with no booster, eat with big utensils, not have a bib, and not have a lid on her cup.
-Ireland still likes to get in the dishwasher. One day we forgot to close it & she put all the dirty utensils in with the clean ones in the drawer.
-Ireland likes to say “Whatcha doin’?” and “Come baaaaack!”
-Ireland wants to help cook right along with McKinley when mommy makes meals. She says “I syrup!” which is really “I stir it!”
-One day mom had lots of errands & places to go & she heard Ireland in the hall bathroom. She tried to open the door and realized that Ireland had opened the drawer & she couldn’t get in. She tried everything she could think of to get the drawer closed, but in the end, after about 20 minutes, Ireland finally figured out how to open it herself. We were worried, though!
-One day mom walked outside to find Ireland sitting, fully clothed, in the dog’s water bucket. Her little bum was stuck & she couldn’t get out!
-Ireland enjoys turning the lights on & off – especially at church!
-One day at dinner, Ireland looked at mom & said “Heidi!”


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Love the pictures and the updates, as always. I think it's great that you do this!

Kris & Amy Morris said...

I love Mckinley's comment about hating the Lamanites! And I loved the one where Ireland burped at you! Gotta love our kids!!!

Cam said...

I saw your comment tell Mckinley Hi Bey. I hope you see my slideshow. Love Camri.

Get Hooked said...

I always love how you write all this down. What is your secret? Isn't it fun to watch your littlest one's personality blossom. Too cute!

sedona's spotlight said...
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Lena Baron said...

Question: Are you in SL on the 28th of July? Let me know...