Sunday, August 23, 2009

Potts Family Reunion - Moon Lake

This past week was our 2nd annual Potts family reunion. Mom & Dad rented 4 cabins up at Moon Lake and we really had a great time. The cabins were pretty rustic, but 3 of the cabins (including #10 - the one we stayed in) had stoves, bathrooms, and fridges! It was BEAUTIFUL up there! Perfect weather, beautiful beaches, and of course, what better company can you have than your own wonderful family? Thanks mom & dad for arranging this great trip! We had a wonderful time!

Here's some fun things we did:

-Ate yummy food (including pizza, spaghetti casserole, raspberry chipolte chicken, pancakes, french toast, sandwiches)

-Roasted marshmallows

-Played games (Phase 10, Mancala, Loaded Questions, 20 questions, 1-word-game)

-Played in Moon Lake (cold, but felt really good!)

-Played in the sand and mud (including building sandcastles, writing in the sand & burying each other)!

-Flew kites

-Went fishing (didn't really CATCH much, but the boys especially had a lot of fun fishing anyway)

-Went on walks

-Glitter Toes (thanks Trish!)

-Mom & Kalli playing guitar

-Reading books (me-Anita Stanisfield, Jason -LOTR, Kalli - vampire books)

-Watching the animals (squirrels, chipmunks, and lots of deer)

-Had fun in the rented paddle boat and motor boats

-Just hanging out and visiting - especially with the Checketts who we don't get to see much!

Of course, we had a bit of drama (McKinley's non-stop runny & sore nose, Cindy's late-night homework in Talmage, Ireland's hour-long screamfest the first night, the Simons & dad not being able to be up there the whole time, running out of things, those nasty buffalo gnat bites), but all-in-all, it was a WONDERFUL trip and we all had a great time!

Here's a slideshow w/ some pics from the trip:


Patricia Potts said...

Wow, you are quick to post... that always amazes me! Great summary. Thanks for bringing up so many things that I forgot and thanks for leading the games, and thanks for being so wonderful! Love, mom/sis

Patricia Potts said...

I finally figured out how to see the slide show. The "waiting" symbol kept circling for about 15 minutes and I finally pushed "view all...". The pictures are so cute. I am amazed at how much you caught that I missed! I did miss your comments and music though! Love, mom

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Fun!! Looks like such a blast. I was thinking we need to have another get together before it gets too cold? We bought a fire pit and have been making s'mores, maybe we could all get together and do that?