Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank you...

I was sitting under the Christmas tree tonight, reading a book called "God bless your way" to the girls for their bedtime story.

The doorbell rings.

I assume it's Jason coming back from scouts and I have McKinley open the door.


There are a bunch of presents on the doorstep - for each girl and gift cards for me and Jason - from "Santa." Beautifully wrapped & labeled.

I am surprised. Shocked.
Times are tough for everyone...and yet, someone did this for us.

I could barely finish the book about baby Jesus. My eyes were full of tears & could not focus on the words. My heart is filled with gratitude for someone who is truly full of the Christmas spirit - who is truly honoring the babe in the manger who's birth we celebrate.

The generosity of others truly astounds me at times. It is an amazing, humbling thing to be on the receiving end of such giving.

Thank you "Santa." Truly. Thank you.


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I love it. That is awesome! I remember something like that happening when I was a little girl and my dad is out of work. People are angels, I really believe it.

Shelf said...

I am crying reaidng this...thank you for Santa and those truly giving individuals.

Lena Baron said...

Oh Praise Be! I am so grateful for precious angels on earth!! So happy for you!!!! Merry Christmas!!

diana said...

We had a secret Santa do the 12 days of Christmas last year & it was the sweetest thing ever. The kids were so thrilled. People really are so kind & truly do remember "the reason for the season" I loved reading your post because it reminded me of how we felt last year :)

Kelli said...

That is awesome! There are truly great people out there and it is good to know that others are thinking of the true spirit of Christmas. Thanks for the reminder to all of us.

Market Maven said...

Yeah! That is so sweet! I'm not tooting my horn (it wasn't me) but we help a family each year and I just always hope they are happy! Your post made me cry just thinking about the fact that maybe we helped someone feel that same way:) It's so easy to get busy and caught up in shopping that some forget to get Christmas for someone that is "stuggling" whether it be finacially, spiritually, lonely etc. Your post was just another reminder of what this season is all about! I love it. I'm so happy for you :)

Market Maven said...

p.s. I'm reading your posts I've missed since I haven't been reading blogs lately. You're amazing!Thanks for always being such a great example!!!