Thursday, September 23, 2010


First of all, thanks for all the comments on the photographer's website for our family. We got our free 5x7 - yay!!! :)

So - my older nieces (10, 11 & 12 years old) all have blogs and I love to read them. They're like mini-journals and seeing inside the mind of a pre-teen girl is usually a fun, interesting, reminiscing experience.

My 12-year-old niece is especially talented with words & music. She's written a bunch of her own songs & plays them on the guitar. She's REALLY good! She entered middle school this year & has gotten more into boys. I just HAD to share her last post. C'mon ladies. You can't tell me this doesn't bring a smile to your face!!! This is a must-read for any pre-teen! :)

from my niece Kalli...
Crushes are tough! Recently I had a crush on a very cute boy named Issac. He had those angel eyes---ya know? But he turned out to be a huge jerk. So this is for all you girls who are having cutie crushes. ;)

Dude, before you decide to fall in love you need to know something: if you are as old as from elementry age to around 15....there is no such thing as love at your age! I am 12 and I know that even 16 is a dangerous age to fall in love. The reason is, you don't know what you are doing!!! 16 is GROUP DATES! 18 is when you can single date. Other than that, no suree!!! But if you are sure that he is just a crush and that you won't get yourself into a HUGE mess--like I did. <.<-- then make sure he is a nice guy. I'll quote my friend Christene now who was having a difficult time with crushes. She was very angry. She said "All the cute guys are jerks, all the nice guys are 'not very good-lookin' and all the cute guys that aren't jerks are gay." I was surprised. I opened my mouth and then closed it again and then said, "You have a point." So--to see if he is a nice guy and to get to know him-- ask him a question a day. For example, like "What's your favorite color?" or "What do you like to do?" Those might sound ,like, waaaaay cheesy but hey. This might give him the hint that you like him but guys can be SO oblivious sometimes... Come on, agree with me girls!

So, here are my tips witch probably really suck:
~flip your hair just a teeny bit, but really don't overdo it--that will just make you look mental
~if it is appropriate, wink, but then look nonchalant as if it is just his eyes playing tricks on him
~go into the light often, most of the time, in the light, hair SHINES!!!
~smile at him often
~sort of let him know you like him but not with words--never mention it
~make him laugh
~ have fun flirting
~blink slowly (it makes your eyelashes look long and beautiful) but don't go slow mo--you WILL look retarded
~ do the peek-a-boo eye--that is when you look up through your lashes
~ often play with your own hair--braid it and do other things with it
~smile and laugh all the time

And most important of all:
everyone else is already taken!


lindsay said...

oh my goodness! that is the cutest thing I have EVER read! i love it... just made my morning... thanks Heidi!!!

Get Hooked said...

I sit hear with a big cheesy grin and the words for a comment just won't come, because my grin is too huge and my brain can't think. I remember it. I remember it all to well. Love the advice. If it were only that easy. Too cute. Thanks for sharing and bringing me back there.

Trish the Dish said...

OH my goodness Kalli!! haha. Thanks for sharing Heid. I need to get her blog address!

Brynn said...

Hahaha. That is so fun. Glad I found someone. I'm no good at all of her little tricks. I would just blink too slow and make myself look retarded.