Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So - yesterday was the big ultrasound day & I wanted to document some thoughts/feelings I had.

Things have been so busy with us getting ready to move (did you see that in our newsletter? we're moving... like... this week) that honestly the ultrasound came faster than I imagined. With the others (especially with Kezia), I was DYING to get to the ultrasound, so excited to know! With this one, we were all definitely excited - it's just there is a lot going on! Yesterday there was grocery shopping, McKinley had a birthday party to go to, etc, so honestly when the time rolled around to get to the hospital for the ultrasound, I was almost late! I had to call & remind Jason, too - he was so busy at work.
McKinley didn't come because she was at the a fore mentioned birthday party, so it was Jason, me, Ireland & Kezia. Once we got there, it was so nice (except for the confounded full bladder they make you come with) & we were able to get in there pretty fast. 
Now... I'm going to back up here & just give you an idea of our thoughts before going into this. Jason wanted a boy, but honestly thought it was a girl. He had a theory that my body just rejected male embryos. I was seriously hoping for a girl. There are 4 of us sisters & I thought it would complete our family & besides - I'm kinda familiar with the girl scene & we had all the stuff for a girl. Plus, we watched an America's Funniest Home movies episode on Sunday where this kid - probably 3 years old - was so excited that he PEED in his EYE. I was just thinking - PLEASE let this be a girl! McKinley REALLY wanted it to be a boy. Ireland REALLY wanted it to be a girl (right before we left for the ultrasound, she said "it's a girl, mom cuz girls have girls and boys have boys. Well... we did discuss that a bit). Kezia vacillated between a boy and a girl and she's convinced she has a baby in her tummy, too. 
So - when he finally got around to showing us the gender, we were all speechless for a few moments. A... boy? Wha...? How....? I just felt like someone plucked me up from where I was & put me in some foreign land somewhere. Complete disorientation. I always referred to the baby as a "her" and "she" and was pinning all kinds of ruffly, fun things on Pinterest. 
It's now been 24 hours since the news & my brain is finally starting to acknowledge that there is a human of the male gender in my body. I even noticed a boy with such a cute little outfit today that I had some hope & happiness. We're starting to call him "little brother" and think of boy names. Something totally new!! 
Yes - Jason is really excited. Of course, he repeats that he would love the baby just as much if it were a girl, and I believe him, but I know that this is special and he is excited & looks forward to all the boy stuff ahead. I didn't post the "boy parts" picture, but let's just say that it was PRETTY obvious and VERY different than what we've seen in the past ;)

We are feeling blessed. Lots of exciting changes in our family!!!

(isn't he cute? HE!!!)


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I remember going through some of those same emotions... I had given into the thought that we might have all girls so Eli was a totally fun and exciting surprise. You will love your little guy... they are so fun!! So excited for you guys!

Britany said...

Yay! So excited for you to have a boy. He will be so loved and protected by his big sisters :).

Patricia Potts said...

hahahaha... Heidi, I love your writing, I love your love and I'm gonna love how you learn to be a mom for a boy (good luck on the fun hair braids!)

Patricia Potts said...

hahahaha... Heidi, I love your writing, I love your love and I'm gonna love how you learn to be a mom for a boy (good luck on the fun hair braids!)