Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School & Chores

So - today was Ireland's first day of Kindergarten. I was a bit melancholy when McKinley left for first grade, but no tears, so I was totally unprepared when that bus rolled away with my Ireland & the waterworks started! She said she had a great day, though, and she was glad McKinley was there on the bus with her & to walk her to class because she said she was a little bit afraid. Now it's just me & Kezi-boo in the mornings & I'm going to try & come up with a little bit of a plan so we can spend some quality time together before the baby.
As a follow-up to my post about chores, THANK YOU for all the input - on Facebook & on the blog. Right now this is what we're going to try for McKinley & Ireland:

-EVERY DAY chores: *the basics (clean room, make bed, get ready, etc) - done in the morning,
*choice chore (to be no more than 15 minutes) for after they get home from school & finish homework.

-WEDNESDAY (their early day): McKinley will be expected to clean the bathroom & we'll have a bigger chore for Ireland, too.

-WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY: they will have the opportunity to do larger chores & earn more $.

ALLOWANCE: If they complete all their every day chores, choice chores, & big chore for the entire week, they will get a small allowance.

That's our plan & we'll see how it goes & I'll update the blog.

Here's some pics of our school girls. Growing up SO fast! Sigh...



Trish the Dish said...

Their outfits are ADORABLE!!!!!!! Love those girls of yours! What a great sounding plan. Can't wait to hear how it turns out.

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

The girls are so big!! Love their back to school outfits!