Friday, October 12, 2012

Up North!

We just got back yesterday from a wonderful trip up north. We stopped in Provo for a couple days to spend some time with some best friends, the Bensons, and then on to SLC to see family & go to the Carrie Underwood concert :) It was a jam-packed-full-of-fun time. Some highlights:

*Double-date with Brent & Mindy to Sizzler
*Staying up till 1am both nights - talking, laughing, playing Cranium (GIRLS RULE! - even when boys cheat!)
*Watching Conference
*Going to the park with the kiddos on a perfect afternoon
*Birthday Party for Logan & Kezia
*Kids had so much fun with their friends
*Heading up north - more conference with family
*Another early celebration of Kezi's birthday - complete with an ADORABLE Dora cake made by Cindy
*Hair done at Trisha's!
*Baby Shower @ Kneaders! Wonderful gifts including homemade blanket & diaper motorcycle, homemade onesies, diaper bag, and LOTS of cute boy clothes!
*Grandpa Potts taking the older girls to McDonald's & then Grandma & Grandpa taking Kezia for her special birthday date to Walmart.
*Trip to Discovery Gateway with the girls and the Simons. So much fun!
*Picnic at the Willow Park
*Jason & Joseph stay to fish till 10pm - caught a bunch of catfish & took them home to fry!
*3+ mile Preggo woman walk with Chelsea
*Costume shopping with Trish!
*Wheeler Farm with Trisha & mom
*Out to eat at Texas Roadhouse & then CARRIE UNDERWOOD with dad at the Maverick Center! What an awesome concert!
*Hogle Zoo! The polar bear & the tiger were absolutely putting on a show! It was awesome! & we got to see the new baby giraffe. So sweet.
*Heading home - and stopping by the red bard in Santaquin for some YUMMY ice cream & doughnuts!

All-in-all, such a wonderful, busy trip. I need all the busy-ness I can get for the next month to get my mind of waiting for this baby to come! :)


Tiff Meister said...

You look BEAUTIFUL Heidi! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun while you were visiting. I love the pic of the girls and the polar bear. Wait a second, the car seat cover looks really familiar...? Love you and MISS YOU!

Patricia Potts said...

I loved every bit of this. What great summary bullets! What great pictures. I snatched several of them. Love, mom/sis