Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Ramblings

I realize that I haven't really done much to update this blog, other than our monthly newsletter stuff.  So - I thought I'd take a minute here & write down some thoughts/feelings that have been going through this sleep-deprived brain of mine.

 I'm so glad I have a warm home. It's so beautiful outside - we've had some decent snow storms - but I am content at the moment to be in my warm, quiet home, cuddled up with my baby boy while Jason has the girls at church.

Life is good. Sure - I'm still up 2-5 times a night with Link - or with a daughter who had a nightmare - or with our whining/barking dogs - or with my computer that likes to randomly make strange noises... BUT life is still good :) Even now, after being home for about 2 months now, I still have moments - like in the shower yesterday - where I am just brought to tears at the miracle of having my baby boy HOME and WELL. I am just filled with a tremendous amount of gratitude and humility - especially when I see that my friend I met at CHOP (whose daughter has diffuse hyperinsulinism) has to keep going back to the hospital - dealing with a G-tube and medicine. And here we are - fully breastfeeding and no medication at all. Why us? Feeling so blessed to be home with my daughters as well & have them run into my arms after school and talk about fears or challenges they are facing. So grateful to be home.

Another reason life is good - At the beginning of January, I decided to sign up for a biggest loser challenge with a girl from high school that I'm friends with on Facebook. It was kind of a last-minute decision - I wasn't REALLY sure I wanted to do it - and the buy-in was $50, but I went ahead & took the plunge because I knew it would help me really jump-start the post-baby weight loss. I'm so glad I did! It's a point based system, where you get a certain number of points for exercising, doing a weekly challenge (no sugar, 64 oz water, fruits & veggies, etc), and of course # of pounds lost. Let me tell you, this challenge was the ONLY thing that got me out of bed most mornings at 5:45am to go workout - especially after being up multiple times in the night. But it's been really good - I've lost about 12 pounds. I'm fitting into some of my pre-pregnancy jeans and looking to keep going in that direction. There were about 30 other people that are doing the challenge as well & it's not looking like I will win, but hey - like they say on the show - I won because I lost!

 Also - Jason & I watched the documentary "Hungry for Change" on Netflix and it really opened our eyes to the dangers of processed food. So we've kind of done a re-vamp of eating in our household. No - we are not quite health nuts. We don't buy everything organic. We don't go to the farm and buy the grass-fed cow milk. We still have processed foods sometimes. But we are DEFINITELY eating more fruits, veggies, nuts, and whole grains. I am making green smoothies in the morning. I am scrutinizing ingredient lists instead of focusing so much on the fat/calorie content. I am learning how to "reverse engineer" recipes to take out the processed, convenience foods and make things from scratch. I made my own ranch dressing last night! Not even with the packet! :) The website has really been great in helping me go from learning about all these things to actual application with a busy family. So - we have a ways to go, but I am feeling really good about cutting out a lot of the processed sugars and foods & getting back to basics.

A week from today is Link's baby blessing. Yet another "life is good" celebration! I am so thankful to have family & friends that support our family & I am so excited to see them in less than a week.

Something we've been pondering about lately is our girls' education. We just don't feel like they're getting challenged - especially McKinley. We've been praying about homeschooling or maybe sending them to North Elementary next year - they are doing the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) program & I really think McKinley would enjoy that - and I think Ireland would, too. We'll see. 

We've been having lots of things break down lately - Our water heater, our washer, our snowblower. Kind of wondering what the deal is with that, but it sure makes me grateful for hot water, clean clothes and a snow blower. 

Lots of birthday parties lately! The girls had 3 in the past week. I guess I should get thinking about big birthday parties for my girls. I can't believe McKinley will be 8 in September & is talking about getting baptized. I've been thinking about ways to help her prepare for this big step in her life. Please send any advice you have! 

So - there you go. Some random ramblings on a Sunday afternoon. Hope you are enjoying your Sabbath Day! :) 

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Lena Baron said...

Thanks for the update Heidi! Sounds like you're making some great changes and celebrating the blessings:) I'm so glad things are going so well with Link! Love ya!!