Friday, December 19, 2008

Preschool Christmas Program

Last night was McKinley's preschool program. It was in our basement and it was fun to have the daddies there and McKinley's Grandma Potts was even there and made her yummy hot chocolate. For some reason, McKinley chose to sit down through most of it. I have not idea why, but overall I thought they did pretty good for 3-year-olds. Jason forgot the camera was on for a bit, so forgive the shaky part.


Watching the video made me kind of nostagic. I remembered the Chrismtas program we put on in our home growing up. My mom did joy school and a lot of the neighbor kids were in it. We did this Christmas program and it just cracks me up. I'm the angel who is too cool to do the actions for the songs and I like to clap for myself. Of course, this was 1985 and I'm a big 6 years old by this point, so I was merely helping out, but it is fun to watch - hopefully some of my old friends enjoy it :) Turn up your volume if you can't hear it well.


Patricia Potts said...

wow! How Fun!!!!! Heidi, thanks for sharing the past, present and hints of the future with us. Love, mom/sis

Kelli said...

They are both cute programs! Cutie pie that you were than and are now! Fun stuff.

Lena Baron said...

OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOOW!!! I remember that!!!! What a gift you have for all of us! I didn't know that you had that recorded! Jared told us on Christmas. (I've been off-line.) I need to get as many recordings from you as I can of our growing up years. I know that is not a small task...
Also, I;m sorry we didn't get together. I wasn't able to get together with anyone except family. But's we're coming back in a couple of weeks. So, hopefully then!! Love you!