Saturday, September 5, 2009

August Slideshow, Family Miracles & Kids

Here are our updates from August. First, there's the slideshow, then I had to document some of the ways we've seen the hand of God in our lives this past month (Miracles), and then below that are the girls' adventures.


FAMILY MIRACES (We have seen the hand of God so much in our lives lately. He has truly taken care of us during our time of "famine." We are SO blessed!)

#1: The Chiropractor (Dr. Wade Thompson) has been so gracious - not letting us pay for Jason’s 10+ visits while he's out of the job. His back is feeling much better.

#2 The power cord to our cell phone got stepped on & Jason tried to put it in his phone & fix it & it broke the cord & his phone. Then we tried a different power cord on Heidi’s phone & it fried her battery. Both of us were without cell phones. Jason went to St. George to talk with Towne & Country bank & as it turns out, Jeff’s neighbor had a new $400 iphone that she GAVE to Jason because she switched from AT&T!

#3 On the 29th, we went to the Herriman Beach for the first time & the girls had a lot of fun, except McKinley was in the baby floating tube & leaned all the way over & was head down underwater & could not get back up. We were on the beach. Jason ran into the water (fully clothed) & grabbed her. We are SO thankful she is OK!

#4 Apparently bad accounting on Heidi’s part, but we got a $446 check from our credit card company!!


-We got a book called “Leonardo the Terrible Monster” from the library & she has LOVED reading it over & over this month!
-McKinley is big on playing “following the leader” this month – and she ALWAYS wants to be the leader.
-McKinley said “I love candy SO MUCH!” Mom said “Why?” McKinley – “Jesus made me that way.”
-Somewhere McKinley has picked up the phrase “YOU BUTTER!” She will yell it at someone when she’s mad at them.
-McKinley has gotten more into washing dishes. She will sit at the sink & lather up her dishes with the soap wand. The other day she said “Maybe I will be a washer when I grow up!”
-McKinley started Sunshine Square Preschool this month! It’s the preschool that her friend Lizzy goes to. She had a couple days of orientation & then started on the 17th. She has really enjoyed her teacher Miss Amy & her favorite new preschool pal is Lilly. She tries to sing all the cute songs & when she can’t remember she asks mom, but mom doesn’t know them all. One time McKinley got frustrated & said “I wish my teacher was in our family.”
-McKinley learned about the yellow deer signs & now whenever we pass one of the yellow deer signs, she will shout “Dad – you need to watch out for deer!”
-Instead of answering yes if someone asks her how she’s doing or how she liked something, her new thing is to give the thumbs up sign.
-McKinley has been big into “Dinosaur Train” on this month & tries to sing the ABC Dinosaur song a lot.
-For an activity on Sunday, we came up with a story & drew pictures for our “book.” It is called “Holly the Moose learns to be obedient.” We had fun making it & McKinley talked about Holly the Moose like she was there with her for the next few days.
-McKinley had a great time at Moon Lake with the campfire, beach, sand, water & boat. She loves camping!
-Michael & McKinley were playing at our home the week after we got back from Moon Lake. Mom asked them what they were playing & they said “We’re playing Moon Lake!” apparently they couldn’t get enough!
-That same day when Michael was here, we were talking about McKinley’s approaching birthday. Michael told McKinley that he knew what he was going to get her for her birthday & he was going to tell her, but she had to promise to forget!
-Ireland was sick & so I took McKinley to church. When we were going home I asked if she had a good time at church. She said “yes, but I missed my sister!”
-McKinley gets a kick out of saying the “Why did the chicken cross the road?” joke over & over!

IRELAND: Ireland has been NON-STOP this month! We can hardly keep up with her & her messes! Other than that, here’s some of her latest antics:
-She likes to say “That’s funny!”
-She’s also into saying “Look Mommy/Daddy!” and pointing at a bird or flower, or showing us her latest trick.
-The other day, mommy heard Ireland singing “Follow the Prophet” – so cute!
-Ireland also enjoys playing and singing “following the leader.”
-Ireland loves to bring up a cup or a plate from the princess tent downstairs for mommy & daddy to eat and drink.
-We were looking at mommy’s big pregnant tummy one day & Ireland went over to daddy, lifted up his shirt & said “baby in daddy ‘s tummy?”
-Ireland has finally figured out how to get up on the barstools. She’s still a bit scared getting down from them, though.
-Ireland LOVES getting into mom & dad’s bathroom drawers. One day, she was smelling strongly of cologne & we found it in her room. Her room also smelled heavily of CK Cologne for the next few days.
-Mommy will ask Ireland “Why?” and she will respond “Cuz!”
-For about a week, Ireland was OBSESSED with carrying around this soap she found in mom’s bathroom. She wanted to take it everywhere with her – including in the car.
-One day, Ireland put her bowl & spoon in the dishwasher after breakfast without being asked. Big girl!!
-Ireland went poopie in the potty a couple times this month!
-Ireland is usually a really great sleeper, but one night at 4am, she was just up talking, yelling something to us & she wouldn’t go back to sleep. Mom walked in there to put her back to bed & then she realized that Ireland was stark naked & her bed was soaked in pee! Ireland said “Sorry mommy. Need a diaper.” Needless to say, we’ve been putting her to bed in onesies for the past week or so.
-Ireland is still obsessed with shoes, but she’s started being so helpful with others’ shoes. If we are going someplace, she will go get daddy’s shoes for him, mommy’s shoes & even McKinley’s shoes. They’re not always the pair we want, but she sure is helpful! She even tries to put them on your feet!


Patricia Potts said...

I love the part about McKinley wanting her teacher in your family. I'm sure we could make room for our Sunday dinners!
Thanks for gathering all the picture. YOu are wonderful!

Trish the Dish said...

Oh, Heidi, what a WONDERFUL post! I SO enjoyed reading it. You are so great about writing cute and funny things about your girls. I hope I'm even half as good of a mom as you are!