Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Costume Swap & Make-up Ideas

I realize that Halloween is over a month away, but I have been thinking about it and wondering how I am going to come up with costumes considering that we have ZERO $ for that sort of thing right now.
So... here's my idea: a costume swap! I have costumes from the past few years that I'll post below, from newborn to 4T. I am looking for newborn (just in case this baby comes before Halloween!), 2T, and 4T-5T costumes. Let me know if you'd like to swap or even just let us borrow.

Sweet pea costume. McKinley was only 2 months old when she wore this.

Flower/Ladybug costume. Ireland was ADORABLE in this costume. She was just over 3 months old & it fit perfectly.

Doggie Costume. Would work for boy or girl. McKinley was 1 year old when she wore it.

Sooo cute butterfly costume. It's a 2T, but was almost too small when she wore it. I think it would work for 12M-2T.

Cheerleader Costume. This was last years' costume - I think it's a 3T. Comes w/ pom-poms!

And...if you need any make-up ideas for Halloween, here's some from Ireland. That girl has been driving me NUTS getting into my bathroom drawers!

Yes, folks, that is MASCARA
And some up-and-coming eye-liner ideas.


Dave*Ashley*Sloan said...

I have 2 newborns ones. A tootsie roll and a wonder bread bag. They are not super girly, but I like them. Sloan wore the Tootsie Roll and it was way cute. They are both bags. Let me know.

Allison said...

You are welcome to come and look at all of Bella's old costumes. She has been just about every princess. Cinderella (that one is a little used) Belle, Ariel and last year she was a fairy. Just let me know when you want to look at them. I think this is a great idea!

Atherley Crack Ups said...

what a great idea Heidi. you are so my kind of gal. i have been thinking about what my kids are going to be for halloween for about 2 months fave! I have a very cute elephant costume that my daughter wore a tutu and tiara with, it was the preschool rave. I believe it is a 3.

Lena Baron said...

SO FUN And CUTE! Have Fun!!!

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I have a cute little angel costume that Maren wore when she was almost 2 months old. I can try and find it if you're interested.

Market Maven said...

I'm SO with you! I hate spending money on something they wear for an hour! Lincoln has a cow costume he wore. It's a 2T I believe. You're welcome to borrow it. Love the make-up mess! Looks like mommy needs a better hiding place ;) ha ha I really did end up having to move mine up high in my closet cuz Lincoln liked to do the same thing