Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Slideshow & kids stuff

Even though February is only a few days shorter than most other months, it seems like weeks shorter to me! Can't believe how fast it flew by, but it was great.

-McKinley was especially grumpy one morning before preschool. On the way there, she said “Mom – don’t tell Miss Amy that I’m grumpy, OK?”
-Mc to Michael: “I sure wish we weren’t extended family so we could get married in the temple.” -Lately, McKinley likes to ask questions and then say “that is correct!”
-When Ireland had to get Cayenne pepper for spitting, McKinley was so sweet. She got everything ready that she would need – ice cube, water, and hugs.
-One day McKinley asked “does Jesus have a grandpa?”
-One day McKinley came upstairs and said “I’m tired of breathing, mom.”
-Mom or dad will be doing something everyday and McKinley will often ask “who taught you to do that? Did your mom?”
-After dinner one day, McKinley said “Mom, Jesus is the only one that’s perfect?” Mom – yes. McKinley “Well, that’s not fair.”
-McKinley is gaining confidence again on her bike and is going further and faster.
-McKinley is sure good at making new friends wherever we go. She especially loves to find friends that are her exact age.
-We’ve been looking at trying to get McKinley into Kindergarten this year, but after prayer and talking with some people, we think she will be fine going to preschool for another year – and even though she says she wants to go to Kindergarten this year, we think she’ll thank us when she’s older.
-She had a big growth spurt in the past couple months & wears size 5 pants & 5/6 shirts. Her dresses are all getting too short, too.
-McKinley has started to say "your mom" instead of grandma to mom & dad.

-Ireland traced her hand on to a paper. She said “look mom! A high five!”
-Ireland is BIG into cutting paper (and books, unfortunately) lately. She does pretty good, though –even being a lefty & using right-handed scissors. We have lots of cutting tidbits on our carpet every day.
-When Ireland wants to watch Signing Time, she says “Mom – PLEASE watch signingtime . com?”
-Ireland’s had to have cayenne pepper a few times this month for spitting or sticking out her tongue.
-One day when mom was having a rough time, Ireland sat on her lap, took her mom’s head in her hands and said “You sad mommy? It’s OK. It’s OK mommy. You want to watch
-When Ireland wanted something one day she asked for it & then said “don’t say no mommy. Say yes”
-Ireland has been using a lot of grouchy voices lately. She also has been yelling at McKinley a lot & saying “Go in time out!”
-Ireland is a trike-riding maniac. Whenever she is in the garage, she tries to get her trike out & ride. She is really good at it and rode all the way to the park.
-Lately when we’ve been putting Ireland down for naps or bed, she will say “I forgot… I forgot… to give ___ a kiss!”
-Ireland has been saying “No thank you” a lot – as in, “It’s time for bed Ireland.” - “No thank you!”
-We were driving home one day & Ireland was talking about the clouds. She kept saying “Mom – please! Please open clouds!”
-Ireland got a hold of a knife somehow & sliced her finger. It wasn’t really deep, but it gushed pretty bad. She went through 2 band-aids before we got one on there to control the bleeding.

-4 months already! She is such a little cutie!
-Kezia rolled over from her front to her back at the beginning of the month!
-Kezia LOVES her exersaucer & will hang out in there for 45 minutes at a time.
-She has been starting to make razzing & spitting noises.
-She loves to pull hair.
-Kezia is still struggling with sleep. We think it’s probably the binki that keeps falling out & she wants it back in. We’re planning on weaning her from the binki next month.
-Kezi-boo is a drooling queen and regularly soaks the front of her shirts. She also loves to suck/bite on her fingers and anyone else who dares to put their fingers in her mouth.
-Her sisters like to push her around in the doll stroller.
-She has been giggling and laughing. She’s especially ticklish under her armpits and under her chin.
-She went to her 4 month appt and was in about the 50th percentile for weight & 80th for height. Dr. Daynes says she looks great! And she hardly cried with her shots at all.
-She’s enjoying her tummy time more and is starting to try to pull her bum up.
-Everyone notices her beautiful, bright, blue eyes.


Lena Baron said...

WOW! That's beyond priceless!!! What a perfect song! So Jakob realized that it was St. Patricks day this month. He started talking about all the fun they had last year in preschool. And me? I started day dreaming that you and your mom and anyone else who wanted to join you brought the kids out to my place and had a REAL St. Patty's day celebration. Now THAT would be fun!!! We do have a trailer you could sleep in you now! ;) Love ya!

Patricia Potts said...

IT was so fun to see your video. It was a bit blurry for my screen but it was probably just my computer. Thanks for this gift. Love, mom/sis

Melissa said...

you have the cutest kids and you are SO good at documenting everything. Good job! I didn't ever see u respond about what line of work your husband is looking for. I really will have my brother let me know. I think Jon could get him an interview in Sales at Investools if he was interested?

Patricia Potts said...

I think my favorite saying was the one about Jesus "it's just not fair!"