Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where were you...

20 years ago?
1990? Seems like a lifetime ago. I was almost 11 years old - in 5th grade at West Jordan Elementary. I loved my friends (Ann, Lena, etc), but really wished I could be in the popular crowd (glad now that I wasn't, though).
Here's a journal snippet from 2/20/90:
"Dear Diary, Today was very typical. We got a lot of our scores, though, and I tried out for the play. I don't really think he'll pick me cause I was so shy, though. Love, Heidi Potts"

10 years ago?
I was almost 21 and was less than 3 months away from marrying my eternal companion. I was going to the U of U & had started working for the Forest Service at the federal building downtown.
Journal Snippet from 2/13/00:
"The poem Footprints best describes last week. It was a completely overwhelming week, full of appointments, assignments, projects, plans, and unexpected trials. The Lord TRULY carried me through last week. I could not have done it alone. No way in the world. Oh, the Sabbath day. It is the jewel in my week. A day of (somewhat) peace, relaxing, throwing off the cares of the world & worshipping our Master & Redeemer..."

5 years ago?
2005 - living in Park City - still working for the Forest Service. I was just a few months pregnant with our first baby, McKinley, and we were so excited to be pregnant. We loved our home up there, though the commute down in the early morning hours was not fun with morning sickness.
Journal snippet from 2/23/05:
"It was such a beautiful drive into work today. The moon was so big and clear. I still have yet to wake up and just feel fabulous for about the past 3 months, but I'm just thankful to be able to go to work and be pregnant. We learned another lesson last week about how precious life is.
On Friday morning (the 11th), Jason got a call from his mom that one of his cousins was in the hospital & not expected to make it (Tira)...Last Thursday (the 18th) was her funeral. There were some really good speakers and musical numbers. Ya know, it just made me think about what people would say about me if I left this world tomorrow. They couldn't say “oh, she was the most generous, giving, serving person. She would stock your shelves with food if you didn't have any and she would give you her coat if you were cold and she was always happy & complimenting people.” Those are the things they said about Tira. I guess they could say that I was good with money and that maybe I did my job well or something, but the real stuff of life, I just don't think they could say. In fact, I wonder if Jason would at last just wonder what he ever saw in me. IT'S TRUE! I need to be more like my Savior - more like Tira. She really was loving to everyone...We had Monday off work & were lazy the whole day. We were supposed to do planning, but Jason had a headache & we really didn't get to it, though he promised we eventually would. He was cute, though, following me around all day, holding me, telling me how much he loved me & how beautiful I was. He really is a sweetheart."

5 minutes ago?

Trying to get Kezia to sleep longer for her afternoon nap, putting a Dora movie on for McKinley for naptime/quiet time, trying unsuccessfully to get a nap in myself, folding laundry.

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Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I used to be such a good journal writer. Up until I got married, I wrote every few days. I guess the blog has taken over that for now. Hope you guys are doing well. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.