Thursday, February 4, 2010

January Slideshow & Summary...

Here's the goods for January...

-Mom got up to bear her testimony during fast & testimony meeting and got pretty emotional. The next person got up & also cried. Then the next person didn’t cry & McKinley kept asking “Mom – why isn’t she crying??”
-Kezia was crying in her room & we were going to let her cry for a few minutes. McKinley got her music box, put it outside of Kezia’s room and said “here you go Kezia. This will make you happy.” -Just before church McKinley said “Mom, I want to be a boy.” Mom asked why. McKinley replied “So I can do the bread!” (sacrament)
-McKinley earned enough points this month (6) to get a sleepover with a cousin, so she got to have 3 nights of sleeping over with Michael! They had a great time watching movies, playing, going to the birthday party, and running away from the “toddlers.”
-We were talking one night about being smart. McKinley asked if she was smarter than mom & dad. Mom said “Well…probably not until you’re about 9 or so.”
-We had some boxes lying around & McKinley had fun cutting them, ripping them, taping them, and trying to made a spaceship like the one in the Moondogs book.
-McKinley’s bike from Christmas: She started out like a speed racer – doing great – making great turns, going fast. She had a couple small falls. Nothing big. But then she started getting scared of the bike & would never ride it. S l o w l y with mom holding the handle she has gotten less scared, but she still goes VERY slow and stops a lot to make sure she won’t crash.
-McKinley has enjoyed playing “go fish” and is getting pretty good at it!
-One morning McKinley said “Mom I am going to put on my lipstick” – except she said lipstick in a whisper. She said it again. Mom asked why she kept whispering “lipstick.” Mc – “I don’t want Ireland to hear!”
-After a morning playdate with Cambria Cox, McKinley asked if she could play with Lizzy. Mom said that she’d already played with Cambria. McKinley said “But I haven’t had enough fun today!”
-McKinley has been doing this thing where if she is supposed to be doing something (like cleaning her room or going into time-out or going to bed) she will run up to us. We’ll get upset & tell her to do what she’s supposed to be doing & she’ll say “But I want to give you a hug!”
-Somehow a small moth had gotten in and was flying around our dinner table. McKinley said “Well, I hope he’s not looking at my mom with his beady eyes!”
-While mommy & daddy went skiing, Grandpa took McKinley on a special date to The Princess & the Frog!

-Ireland found a glue stick and Grandma Potts’ and apparently thought it was lipstick.
-McKinley fell on her bike & dad came over to comfort her. Ireland then pretended to fall down & ran over to her dad to have his attention, too.
-Ireland wanted to sleep in McKinley’s bed one night. Mom wasn’t so sure about that, but Ireland said “Be Patient!” (hmmm – wonder where she hears that from?)
-We asked Ireland to get McKinley a drink of water, so she got a cup, filled it halfway with water, drank half of it on her way over to McKinley, handed it to her and said “you’re welcome!”
-Ireland was sick for a week or so and had such a hard time swallowing. Her throat hurt so bad that she cried every time she swallowed something. We took her in, but it wasn’t strep & finally went away after a couple more days.
-Ireland prays for dad to find a job at every prayer, but apparently she thinks everyone needs a job and prays “please help McKinley to find a job, and bless Kezia to find a job..”
-Ireland had Dora shoes that mom was helping her to put on. Mom pointed to Boots & said “look – it’s Boots!” Ireland looked at mom & said “No mom! They’re not boots – they’re shoes!” – we went back & forth with that for a little while.
-Ireland goes through 4 or 5 cups a day – she doesn’t like using the same one twice and she still likes to make little water experiments.
-For some reason, Ireland says Ok-kay.
-One day after mom took her bowl to the dishwasher, Ireland said “I’m so proud of you!”
-Lately if Ireland wants help and mom or dad are doing something like reading or on the laptop, she will look at us straight in the eye & say “Put it down! I need help!”

-Ireland has grown SO much in the past month! She is using her hands a lot more and is a pro and using her jungle gym and making the music go.
-Ireland has been smiling and laughing – so cute!
-Kezia still LOVES ceiling fans and will sit and just watch them for quite a while.
-Our other 2 were never this attentive at such a young age, but Kezia will sit and REALLY watch Signing Time or Baby Einstein.
-Kezia is getting much stronger in her neck strength!
-She has regressed in her sleeping patterns and we suspect she’s starting to teethe since she’s drooling a lot now as well. We hope she gets in a better sleep pattern soon! Right now she’s up 3-4 times a night.
-Kezia was also sick for a bit this month and had lots of congestion and coughing.
-She’s had quite a explosive poopies and we’ve been going through multiple outfits a day.
-At the end of the month, we tried out the exersaucer & she really did great! She loves it!

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Patricia Potts said...

cute, fun, wonderful, informative and personal as always! I love sharing your blog with others and I LOVE reading about my grandkids. I look forward to trying the exerciser at our house too! See you on Sunday for our monthly dinner!