Monday, June 21, 2010

4 weeks

Well, it's been a little over 4 weeks since the move.

On the whole, things are going really well & we just feel so grateful every day for my parents' generosity. That said, of course there has been some adjustments. My parents live in a 30-year-old neighborhood.

Here are some signs that we're not in Kansas anymore (i.e. a young neighborhood):

1. You open a wrapper in sacrament meeting & everyone turns to stare at you for disturbing the beautiful silence.

2. The library has a tiny cart of board books. Above it, there is a sign that says "Please take no more than 5 board books per family."

3. The Jr. & Sr. Primaries meet together & still there is still hardly enough children to sing the songs.

4. You have to walk a mile to a park instead of a block.

5. You don't have to run, elbow, or otherwise physically push around other people at the store just to get a mini grocery cart for your kids.

6. Sacrament meeting is last.

7. The trees are mature enough for actual shade and nesting birds!

8. Only ONE nursery!

9. Parents in the ward talking about their children on missions and getting married instead of potty training.

10. All the homes have hot tubs & Healthriders instead of sandboxes & swing sets.

It truly has been fun living here, though. We are so close to all my local family now & Jason has shaved a 1/2 hour off his commute time. We've kept busy, too. The zoo, Jumpin' Jacks, numerous visits to the park, the splash park, the movies (Toy Story 3 - really liked it... not as much as 1 & 2 - still great), going to the canyons, and lots of playdates & visiting with friends.

Oh... and I have to share a "McKinley-ism" with you. She told me last night that she didn't take her "bitamin" that morning. I corrected her & said "McKinley, it's VITAmin, not bitamin." She said "No, mom! It's bitamin - because, you know, you bite 'em!"
Love that girl.


Tiff Meister said...

Heidi, you are soooo original. I loved your post. Super cute. I'm excited to hang out today. Love ya!

Melissa said...

Love your post :) In ways wards like that are AWESOME! My brother and his cute family chose to live in an area like that. It's weird and sad not seeing you!

Becka said...

I'm glad you're settling in well. It sounds like quite a few new experiences await you while living at your parents. Cherish every one because you never know how long they will last.

Patricia Potts said...

O.K. let's get the record straight! Everything Heidi says is true but not EVERYONE has a hot tub and the park is NOT a full mile away (although sometimes it feels like it when you're taking 3 little ones along.)

From our side of things we are admiring Heidi and Jason's parenting skills and enjoying their company. Tripping over an occasional toy is of little consequence!
we love you guys
p.s, Heidi is a great cook

Mindy said...

Can't believe it's been a month! We miss you guys. We loved TS3, we've seen it three times :)
We went to my parents ward on Father's Day, and they have the same ward, my nephew was making baby noises and everyone was looking. And their primary sang, and it was the size of half of a class in ours :)