Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May Newsletter & Slideshow

Whew! What a crazy-busy past month. We are all glad that we are into June now with all the summer fun ahead of us.

-One day McKinley was thinking again & said “Satan’s mommy & daddy must have taught him bad things.”
-Mommy has had to talk to McKinley quite a bit about not having too much screen time. McKinley said one day “Mom – if I watch too much screen time, will my eyes be squares?”
-One day McKinley couldn’t decide which panties to wear. She knew she wanted Dora, though, so she ended up putting ALL the Dora panties on at once.
-McKinley was invited to her friend, Cambria’s, 5th birthday party. On the day of the party, mom brought down a magnetic doll set that the girls had never used & we were saving to give for a gift since they already had a magnetic doll set. McKinley was VERY distraught about giving her the new magnetic doll set. She cried and followed mom around, picking up random things along the way, saying “but mom! She will like this instead!” (a few things she picked up included a teething toy of Kezi’s & some old dress up butterfly wings)
-McKinley came in one day from playing outside & said excitedly “Mom! I taught Sydney how to sit! She’s almost like Hundley!” (Curious George)
-After going to the doctor’s & getting a sticker, McKinley promptly put it on her hand & announced “Mom – I’m gonna wear this sticker until I’m a grown up!”
-On the 13th, McKinley got to go to one last field trip with her Sunshine Square Preschool. We went with her to the South Jordan Fire Station. It was a lot of fun & both girls loved seeing the fire engine & firefighters. We had a picnic at the park afterwards! McKinley is going to miss Miss Amy & all her Sunshine Square pals!
-McKinley had another birthday party this month – for her cousin Michael. Aunt Cindy went all-out again this year & did a dragon theme. She made an amazing dragon cake & apparently McKinley ate a lot because when she got back to Grandma’s & mom hugged her, she said “Mom – don’t hug me too tight! I just ate a dragon!”
-It’s been a bit of a transition having the girls share the same bed & one night when Ireland was having a hard time falling asleep, McKinley took Grandma’s mini primary song book, went & laid with Ireland & sang songs to her until she fell asleep. Then she came out & sang to Divit the dog until she fell asleep.
-On the last Sunday at our Herriman ward, we stopped by the Warrens to drop off some cookies to say thank you for helping us move. McKinley’s friend, Lizzy, was at the door & waved to McKinley & cried “Good-bye McKinley! I will miss you too much!”
-We were reading Narnia (Prince Caspian) & the 4 children were stranded in the wood & were looking for firewood because it was cold. They had matches to light the fire & McKinley gasped & said “But MOM! Are they old enough to use matches??”
-McKinley was watching grandma put on her make-up & said “I like to curl my eyes!” (I think she meant eyelashes)
-After church on Sunday, the doorbell rang at Grandma’s. McKinley ran over, looked out the window & yelled “Well, it’s just an old lady!” When grandpa opened the door, the lady from their ward said “I heard that!”

-Mindy came over to help pack & we were in the guest room. Mindy came out & said “Uhhh-Heidi, we have a situation here.” Yeah… so Ireland had found the red craft paint & had globbed it (along with some white) on the carpet downstairs. It was kind of a panic trying to get it out & even at the end there was a tinge of pink. What a headache to add to the already headache of moving! – and minutes after that mishap, mom found her coloring on her walls in her bedroom. Our little Ireland sure keeps us on our toes!
-Grandma’s has been a little bit of an adjustment for Ireland. The big change is that she doesn’t have the security (or enclosement!) of her crib anymore as she is sharing a big bed in the guest room. She’s realized that she can get out of bed & get into things & bang on the door.
-Ireland is still a bit nervous about naptime & INSISTS that we close the closet before she goes to sleep. She believes there are monsters in there.
-As we were driving around to look at homes in Heber, everyone in the backseat was being unusually quiet. When we pulled up to a house, we found out why. Irleand had given Kezia a chocolate chip granola bar & she was thoroughly enjoying it – and making a MAJOR mess with it.
- We like to look out the window for a minute when the girls get up in the morning. One morning we saw some girls headed to school. Ireland yells out “hello sisters!”
-Ireland is still quite the copy-cat & will say & do most anything that her older sister does.

-At 7 months, Kezia has really been rolling! One night, she just kept rolling & rolling around in a circle. It was so cute.
-Kezi is still sleeping pretty good – usually waking between 5&6am to eat.
-She’s been eating good as well & usually nurses every 4 hours & has a few “meals” a day of rice cereal, fruit or veggies. She especially loves carrots & sweet potatoes.
-Kezia usually does pretty well in the car if we’re on the go – driving nonstop, but she does NOT like it when we stop a lot & house-hunting with her this past month was… well, traumatic to say the least. She was screaming from the top of her lungs most of the time. It was not a fun time for anyone.
-Kezi really sounds like she’s talking sometimes. She will “talk” this high pitched/low pitched sound & squeal. She is such a cutie.
-Kezia really is starting to get around. She’s hasn’t got the crawling thing down 100%, but she can get around still. She gets up on her hands & knees & sometimes will straighten her legs out into a downward dog position.
-She has finally got the gist of getting from the situp position to the hands & knees position without face planting.
-If she’s sitting & something sturdy is within her reach, she will pull herself up onto it.
-Kezi is hitting the point where she will scream & cry if you take something away that she wants. Ireland especially likes to test this.
-For quite a while, Kezi had this reflex that if you tickled her back while she was standing up, she would immediately sit down. She sure is a ticklish baby!
-Kezi will really grab ANYthing that gets near her. The other day, Heidi was holding her & Michael got mad that someone was pulling his hair. Yup – it was Kezi.
-Kezi is a popcicle LOVER. You can seriously give her an otter pop & she will eat the whole thing (with a little help)
-We found the jumper we had been looking for at Grandma’s. Kezi loves to twirl & jump!

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Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Loved your update!! How is the house hunting going? I am thinking we need to plan another get together soon with everyone...