Monday, January 24, 2011


So, last October I saw this deal on KSL deals & decided it would be a fun get-away. 50% off the Inn at Snow Meadows in Garden City, UT (by Bear Lake). I thought it would be fun to surprise Jason with a get-away, but wasn't able to arrange everything until this last weekend.
Thankfully, Jason's manager was all for it - giving him the day off, but showing his regular time on the schedule.
So - last Friday, I went to a class at 24 hour fitness, like usual, Jason got up at 7:30, like usual. The girls got up. We had scriptures & breakfast. Like usual. And, like usual, he showered & dressed & got the car running. After I kissed him "goodbye," I casually mentioned that he wasn't going in to work that day. He kind of gave me a half-smile & said "yeah, right!" and grabbed his work bag & headed for the door. It took another 10 minutes and about 3 "are you SURE"s? before he finally realized that I wasn't kidding. So classic! We helped the girls with their morning things, got packed & headed out. I still didn't tell him where we were going, but we stopped at the Bountiful Temple for sealings (SO neat!) & we ate in Loagan (I finally told him where we were headed at this point - after we'd gone about 30 minutes the wrong way - oops!).
It took longer than I thought to get up there, but we arrived at about 6:30pm. Carol, the innkeeper, was just about as sweet as a person can be & showed us around the beautiful inn. The next couple days were just about perfect. From the super-thick towels, to the ultra-comfy bed, to the ginormous tub, to the yummy food, it was JUST what the dr. ordered! We watched movies, ate, played ping-pong, air hockey, checkers (yes, I won!), and x-box in their game room, and took a drive around Bear Lake, which was beautiful, and we saw probably 1,000 deer (not kidding!) and a gorgeous bald eagle. We also enjoyed the drive to & from Garden City - visiting without little voices crying or asking for things every few minutes.
In short, it was just a lovely, lovely weekend. Thanks goes to my mom & sister for watching our darlings! It was fun to get home to them & get overwhelmed with hugs & kisses.


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Ooh it sounds dreamy. We were thinking about going up to Bear Lake for our anniversary next week but it didn't work out. :( Excited to see you guys on Friday!

Lena Baron said...

Ahhh, Heaven!

Gardners Glad Tidings said...

And the wife of the year award goes to.... YOU! That sounds heavenly. Way to go! And thank heavens for family.