Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Newsletter

February, as you might imagine, was pretty busy for our family. Between packing & wrapping up things here in Murray, we looked for & decided on a rental home (we got a nice twin home that we are excited about!) and we sold our car & have been looking for a van or SUV.
Besides that, on the 3rd, Heidi went to a baby shower for a friend in Park City.It was great to see so many people from their old ward. On the 4th we went to Uncle Larry's 60th birthday party & got to see lots of family! On the 12th, we went on a WAY-fun pre-Valentines double-date with our best friends, the Bensons, where we went out to eat (and we both celebrated our new jobs & moving out) & then did some sweet bowling. On the 13th, we celebrated the "un-birthday" of Aunt Althea. We watched the DVD & were able to go visit her grave. Valentines was wonderful with Jason surprising us all with roses and balloons. Then, for homeschool, we had a Valentines party & played games, did crafts, and made cookies for the single people & widows in the ward. The 18-21 was the President's Day weekend (see post below) where we looked at rental homes. And the 26-28 was a sister/mom getaway for Heidi while Jason watched the girls (more details to come)...

Here are some fun things the girls were up to this past month...


-McKinley started violin lessons this month with Stacie Evans! She is so cute with McKinley &

McKinley has already learned how to pick the strings really well & start using the bow & learning the notes. We’re sad that she only had a month of lessons before we move, but we hope to find someone good in Cedar City.

-After we had tucked McKinley in bed one night, she asked mom “what do you guys talk about after we go to bed?” Mom said “ Well, we talk about how much we love each other & you girls. “ McKinley thought that was boring & mom said “Well, what do YOU think we should talk about?” McKinley responded “ You know, like Unicorns and horses… and what you’re going to do tomorrow.”

-McKinley got to go on a date with Grandma Potts’ renter Allen and his girlfriend, Heidi. They are so cute with McKinley & the girls – always getting them gifts and treats.

-McKinley seems to have a fear of heights. She won’t go near any ledges – even if there is a rail. She also has a fear of escalators. It’s all we can do to get her on one.

-We needed to go to Dr. Daynes in Herriman this month, so we dropped off Valentines (McKinley did cute bags with candy, a pencil & a picture of her in it) at all her old Herriman friend’s homes: Jack, Alyssa, Amanda, and Hendrix. No one was home L But they did get their Valentines & said thank you!!

-McKinley was sick, fevery & had pink eye this month –just like her sisters – and on Valentine’s Day L.

-Mom showed McKinley how to write in Microsoft Word and add clipart & now McKinley is getting really good at it. Many of her notes have gone high-tech & she likes to add all kinds of clipart.

-One day after we filled the truck with gas, McKinley was asking questions about why we have to pay for gas. Mom explained a little about how they have to drill deep into the earth to get oil. McKinley thought for a minute & asked “But if they drill that deep, won’t the earth just crack?”

-She was also wondering about us building our home. She asked if dad was going to work at his new job while we needed to build our home. Mom said yes. Then McKinley said “But mom! You’re going to have to build the house all by yourself? It takes lots of time and money to buy all the bricks and stuff!”

-Mom lent some blue Book of Mormons to the girls for Primary since they get to put a puff ball into the jar if they bring their scriptures. The girls have really loved them & one night McKinley recited (very well!) the story of Nephi & the brass plates from her scriptures.

-McKinley was singing I am a Child of God to herself one day & then she looked up and said “Mom – why does it say because my knees are great?”

-Before McKinley talks to you, she often says “I wanna tell you that…”

-In Little House on the Prairie, they make maple syrup from maple trees. One day McKinley was in the backyard & saw something dripping down the tree. She was all excited & had mom come to check it out. Mom was pretty skeptical, but she tasted it & it was really sweet! She DID find a maple tree! But… she didn’t have time to drill a hole at that moment. McKinley was disappointed & said “man… I wish I knew bee language so I could tell the bee to sting the tree to get the sap out.”

-Mom asked McKinley if she was excited about the move & she said “Well, kind of and kind of not.” Yeah… we all feel that way.


-Ireland got to go with mom to a baby shower in Park City. On the way home, it was dark & there were lots of cars. Mom asked Ireland where she thought all the people were going. She said “They’re all going home to put on their pajamas!” This girl is OBSESSED with pajamas.

-Ireland calls elevators “alligators”

-We were at the mall and Ireland wanted to go on the merry-go-round & mom said she didn’t have enough money. Ireland thought f

or a minute & said, pointing, “yeah! There’s money in the water mom!” (referring to the fountain we had passed wherein there contained many coins). She’s a problem-solver, for sure!

-Ireland was out-of-sorts one day. Mom asked if she was grouchy & she said “you need to make me happy!”

-We walked outside & Ireland said “it’s so wind-ing mom!” (as opposed to wind-Y)

-For some reason Ireland has had a lot of attachment issues lately. When Amylyn was over to babysit while mom & dad went out with the Bensons, Ireland screamed by the front door for mom for quite a while. She has a hard time when mom is away lately.

-Ireland was really sick this month. Fever, ear infection, and pink eye. She was pretty miserable, but we’re glad she’s feeling better!

-Ireland LOVES the baby cutie oranges. She always wants one for breakfast. She won’t eat the big oranges anymore.

-On our trip to St. George, the girls were arguing in the back seat. We hear from Ireland “Moooom! McKinley is eating my haaaair!” Mom – “what?” Mc- “

I am NOT. I’m trying to kiss you!” Ireland- “No she’s not! She’s trying to eat my hair!!”

-Grandma gave Ireland a blue Book of Mormon to read & she takes it to bed at night. One night was so sweet as she sat & “read” it – talking about the Nephites fighting & Jesus coming. So, so precious.

-One of Ireland’s prayers “and thank you for all my people”

-Ireland is so cute with her drawings lately. She brought one to daddy & said “LOOK DADDY! I drew a picture of your spikey cheeks and big belly button!” J


- One day when mom was changing her diaper & singing twinkle twinkle, she stopped & Kezia sang “up above”. SO cute! She sings parts of twinkle twinkle now & also eensy weensy spider & her Kezia lullabye. So sweet!

-Kezia was so sick this month. Double ear infection & pink eye. She was not a happy camper! Thankfully she got on some antibiotics & is back to our happy girl!

-Kezia had her 15 month wellness visit with Dr. Daynes this month. She did really well – even with the 3 shots & being sick.

- Kezia was quiet for a while so mom went looking for her. And found her. In the bathroom. With a cup. Scooping the pee-pee water out of the toilet & pouring it on the floor. Ahhh… the joys!

-Kezia says “uh-oh Spaghettios!”

-Those molars are finally popping through – we’re hoping they’ll be done soon!

-Kezia’s hair is getting long enough to braid! Kind of looks like Pippy Longstocking, but still cute!

-She is really good at pointing to eyes, ears, mouth & nose!

-Keeley said she was good as gold when she watched her in St. George while we looked at homes for rent.

-We have to watch Kezi a bit closer in sacrament meeting as she seems to like to head to the front pulpit.

-Kezi is so good at singing AND saying please & thank you!

-She can mimic almost any word now. The other night mom was calling for dad “Baaabe!” So Kezi echoes “Baaaabe!”


Heidi Hamilton said...

oNCE AGAIN YOU HAVE CREATED A MASTERPEICE hEIDI. i LOVE THE Bee story. It has been a privelage to be withyou these past almost 10 months. I am going to miss you all. Love, mom (sorry about the weird typing. my cast makes it hard)

Get Hooked said...

I can't believe your Kezia is 15 months already. Reading what she is up to makes me excited for what's to come with my Trace. I'm sorry we missed McKinely's valentine. Alyssa was very excited and mentioned she missed playing with her.

I'm heading to Cedar this weekend. Is this the same weekend you are moving? I'll ask my sister if she knows anyone that teaches lessons. Good Luck in Cedar!