Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wonderful Weekend!

This past weekend was truly great.
It started on Friday afternoon with a get-together with a dear childhood friend, Lena Baron, and her family. We met at Discovery Park and had a great time playing. It was a bit chilly and windy, but the sun was shining and the kids got along great and had lots of fun exploring the park. I had a wonderful time visiting with my friend who I hadn't seen in about 4 years. After the park, we came back to our house & made omelets with fresh-from-the-farm eggs they brought. The kids had fun playing here & we ate dinner & had some yummy chocolate ice cream for dessert. It was all-too-soon that they had to make a long drive back home, but we promised to do it again! Here's a few pics from our fun Friday:

Saturday was a busy, wonderful day. It started at about 7am with an 8 mile run. The wind was crazy, but at least it was an hour later than I usually go, so I could actually see - and there was a beautiful sunrise. The nice thing about the wind was that it was a tail wind coming back up those hills. After that I had to rush, but made it just in time for the Cedar Stake Women's Conference to start. I wasn't sure about about going with all there was to get done that day, but SO glad I did! I am amazed with the women in this area. Wow! There was an amazing, inspired speaker (she spoke on the book Weakness is Not Sin, by Wendy Ulrich) & then we chose 3 workshops to go to. I had a hard time choosing, but loved the ones I went to - creative service, women who know do less, and finding your strenghts. And after that amazing spiritual feast there was a physical feast. I came home truly filled. Thank you Love for watching the girls!

The next 8 hours were spent turning our garage from this:

to this:
Yay for being able to pull our new van in there! Seeing how much stuff we CRAMMED into the one side of that garage...seriously. It is a miracle.

And finally, today, we had a wonderful time at church (and even made it on time to get a soft seat! Yes!). We've had family council, watched picture slideshows from the past 10 years or so, we've enjoyed slow-cooker minestrone soup, bread (though that one took 2 tries), and cookies, and enjoyed talking or Skyping with loved ones.
Yay for great weekends!


Patricia Potts said...

I cherish your pictures even more Heidi. Keep em coming along with your updates.
Love, mom/sis

Lena Baron said...

Again, I had a great time Friday! Thank you. It was a calm and peace- filled day for me. That is saying a lot at the moment. Thank you! Let's do it again soon. In fact, you just tell us when you're coming up and we'll be thrilled! And we're serious about the trailers being available. So, set the date!