Thursday, May 12, 2011

11 and counting!

I am so thankful this morning. Thankful for the beautiful sunshine (we've missed it over the past few days!). Thankful for my girls not fighting me on their morning chores.

And today, I'm so, so thankful for my husband. Today we celebrate 11 years of marriage. This morning we watched our wedding video. Have I mentioned that we got married in the Salt Lake Temple at 7:40 in the morning? 7:40 A.M!! Can I just take a moment here & THANK all the people who showed up at 7am in the morning for our marriage? Seriously. I am looking at the video, thinking, wow - these people must really have loved us. I mean, I am lucky to be dressed by 7am, let alone be somewhere & ready for pictures - let alone get my children ready. And an especial shout-out to my sister & sister-in-laws with babies to bring. My youngest niece was only 2 months old at the time! Keeley - you are an angel to have been up with Camri the night before & then to the temple at 7am. If my sister told me she was getting married that early and I had to get myself and my children ready & to the temple by 7am, I MIGHT just have laughed in her face. Hmmm - apparently, we were a bit desperate! ;)
Love you people that were there.
And love the ones that were there that are no longer here.

As for my hubby, I loved watching his face in the video. So handsome. So loving. So eager. I glance over at him now & wonder where the time has gone, but realize that I had no idea really what love was at that point. And 10 years from now, I'm sure I'll look back & think the same thing about us right now, but the point is, that I am looking forward to that. To growing old with this man. To the laughing, the loving, the changes, the children, the love.
So - here's to you babe. And all the people loving & supporting us these past 11 years.

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Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

What a beautiful couple you are.. such good people and perfect for each other. Happy Anniversary!!