Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great Riches

My girls watched a VeggieTales yesterday. I can't remember the title, but from the tidbits I gathered as I was coming & going, there was this big blueberry lady who was really rich and wanted everything in this store. She had carts & carts of stuff & she just kept getting more. It reminded me of my last trip to Walmart. Seriously. I was getting stuff for camping and 2 weeks worth of meals and snacks and I had 2 HUGE, FULL carts of stuff. By myself. Lugging them around the store. I was getting stares and comments and felt like I should be going home to feed a family of 20, not 5. Anyway, after waaay too much money spent and NO help getting to the van and loading all this stuff, I'm gonna be honest - I kind of had a little meltdown. ANYway, at the end of the VeggieTales movie, after watching a few people, she realizes (in true Grinch fashion) that happiness and true riches don't come from a store. In the end, she found true happiness in the simple things in life - the people she loved and the world God gave her.
Yesterday we were heading to the park for our picnic with daddy and McKinley saw a plane & asked if we could buy one. So... we got on the topic of wealth and money. I told her about someone I know who is very wealthy but doesn't have a spouse or children. And so I told her in my opinion, I had the greater riches, with such beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband. Our park time was magical... 70 degrees... One of my favorite things to do is to lay down under a tree & look up through the leaves at the sky. I forget how a simple thing can make me feel so peaceful and loved. Then I looked around at my children & husband and, really truly, felt that no one on this earth could be richer.


Tiff Meister said...

Heidi, what a great reminder. I loved your post. You are richly blessed my dear sister. Love you and miss you.

Lena Baron said...

Amen! Amen! And we're ready to go camping sometime when you are! Just let us know. We "get" to speak in church this Sunday. So we're sticking around here. But Leif's done for the summer so we're setting up the schedule. Thanks again for this post!

jessi said...

Hey Heidi! Great to catch up on your blog. It has been a while. Fun to see that you are in Cedar City! My father is from Cedar so I spent my summers there as a girl - and Jacob did too (he would go to SUU basketball camp every summer) - his Aunt is Kathryn Berg who was the Athletic Director at SUU for a long time - they named the girls' softball field at SUU after her. Speaking of forest service and cabins, my family has a cabin up right hand canyon. It was built lincoln log style by my dad and his family in the 1960s. We love to go up there and spend time - when we are there. . . When we come visit next (probably next summer), we will have to get together and maybe spend some time at our family cabin. Great to be in touch. You are an amazing mommy!