Monday, June 13, 2011

S'mores & more

Ever had a weekend where nothing seems to go your way & everything turns out miserable? Me, too.

But this past weekend was not one of those.

Last Friday, we took our new trailer & headed up to Indian Creek CUA (i.e. - dirt roads & camping spots - and free), which is above Manderfield, which is just North of Beaver. It was just one of those amazing weekends. The setting was just gorgeous, the weather wonderful, and on top of all that - the girls slept like logs all night! Our great camping trip consisted of some...

Great fishin'! (The girls both caught about 3 fish!)

Lake wadin',

rock throwin',

pancake flippin' (and eating!!),

s'more (& wienie) roastin',

more fishin' by my hot hubby,

hikin' (can you see that beautiful little waterfall behind me?),

meadow meanderin',

dog runnin' (dog HEAVEN!),

baby back-packin',

dirt playin',

chillin' like a villan,

more fish catchin' (and eating! - by not by me),


...and (not pictured) nappin' & game playin'.

When McKinley found out that we were going camping with just our little family & no cousins or friends, she threw a little fit (I thought they weren't supposed to mind just being with their family until at LEAST the tween years!) , but after we were there a few hours she admitted that it was a lot of fun! And it was. One of the most beautiful spots we've stayed at - and the amazing thing is that there was a huge fire here last year. It was shut down for the rest of the year after the fire & this is the first weekend it's been open. What amazes me is the beauty that comes from those ashes. The hope that emerges from such a tragedy. Definitely one of nature's finest miracles...


{We Are The Wade's} said...

Im a little jealous that you got some sleep while camping! Emery WOULD NOT sleep in the tent!! Loks like F-U-N

Lena Baron said...

We aren't doing very good at getting together this summer. But I'm so glad you had a great time! I'll be in touch soon.

Patricia Potts said...

i love it! I look forward to sharing some time with you in Beaver!!!!

Tiff Meister said...

Looks gorgeous Heidi. I love the pictures and am jealous too. Love you. Tiff