Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So...I'm pretty sure I'm in the top running for the Lousy Mother of the Year award. I could name many reasons why, but this particular time it has more to do with what I've done to other people's children.

I should probably explain, yes?

Last week, oh - around Wednesday, Kezia started acting tired & fussy. No big deal - though it was kind of unusual that she fell asleep on Jason's shoulder at about 5pm. Then she had a fever. Hmmm... must be some cold that's going around. Within a few days she seemed better. No fever.

Yesterday morning she woke up and after I looked at her a light bulb went off in my head. She has hand, foot & mouth disease! I mean, she had 1 or 2 little bumps around her mouth earlier, but I hadn't noticed it too much - Monday morning, though, they were everywhere. I looked it up online - sure enough! Fatigue, Fever, then the sores. I looked all over - hands - check, feet - check (ouch!), mouth - check. Oh, man.... I felt so bad for her. But really what I felt bad about was that I LET HER GO TO NURSERY the day before! And HFMD is super contagious. Yes, everyone, I am that mom. Course, I really had no idea, but had I put 2 & 2 together, maybe I would have figured it out :(
Oh, I felt sick to my stomach after I realized what had happened. I am publicly apologizing to everyone in my ward. And now we are on house arrest for a week. Which is SO much fun in the summertime :\ The other thing is that since it's a virus, they can't do anything for you. It just has to run its week-long course.

Oh... and did I mention that this little one is now in on the game? She had a fever & threw up yesterday in bed. She just kept saying over & over "Mom - I puked." This is such a sad and unusual picture for our non-stop run-everywhere girl. I have to keep on top of the ibprofin. I can almost calculate to the minute when it starts kicking in based on her mood.
P.S. SLC family - say extra prayers that we can come up this weekend!!!


Lena Baron said...

Oh I am so sorry! Don't beat yourself up. It happens to all of us. Really, at some point, we're all there. Good luck!!

Patricia Potts said...

I am saying my prayers for you Heidi. I'm sorry. What a hard time.