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June Newsletter

Below is our June newsletter. I (again) spent a lot of time doing a quarterly picture slideshow, but to no avail. It's just too big to upload. So - I'm going to have to go back to the drawing board on pictures. I may have to go back to monthly ones - or maybe every other month. We'll see. Anyway...Hope you enjoy!

FAMILY: June was a month of illness - Kezia got hand, foot & mouth disease & Ireland soon caught it. Then McKinley had the stomach flu and now Ireland has it. BUT before & after & in-between, we did have some fun. We went swimming twice, to probably 5 different parks, St. George, camping in our new trailer at Indian Creek (see this post), picnics, celebrating Father's Day with lots of homemade gifts & food, and celebrating Jason's 34th birthday with a surprise lunch at his work, watching the shepherds herd the sheep up the hill by our home, seeing the busyiness of Cedar with the Utah Summer Games & the Shakespearean Festival, the Groovefest quarter marathon & activities, watching Payson's baseball team get the bronze, & Heidi going to girls camp.

JASON: Happy 34th birthday Jason! He got spoiled this month with Father’s Day & his birthday. Lots of yummy food and a few gifts. For his birthday, Heidi made him breakfast & then went with the girls to his work for lunch – with CafĂ© Rio and cupcakes for his co-workers. That afternoon, the forest supervisor kept telling him to go home to his girls, so he did come home & we had a wonderful afternoon J He also loved being able to see his family so much this month between Payson & Daken’s games. His boss went on a fire for 2 weeks this month & he got to hold down the fort at work while she was gone.

HEIDI: Heidi has been busy this past month training for a triathlon. She’s up to about a 10 mile bike & then a 4 mile run. She was happy with the quarter marathon. The first couple miles were downhill, but the rest was quite a bit of uphill, so she was happy with 50 minutes. She got 3rd place in her age group. It was a bit difficult with the girls sick for a lot of the month – and by the end she was REALLY ready to get out of the house J Heidi got called into the Young Women's as first counselor & was thankful to go to girls camp & had a great time doing friendship necklaces, braiding & unbraiding lots of hair, eating yummy food, helping with (and going on) the iron rod experience, tie-dying shirts, learning about first-aid, singing silly & spiritual songs, roasting marshmallows & starburst, bearing testimonies, staying up way too late, playing the cup game, and just getting to know the girls & leaders a lot better. It was REALLY neat. Thank you sweetie, for taking Thursday off work to watch the girls.


-McKinley asked mom one day what it was like to be a mom. Mom said “some days it’s really hard. Some days it’s really great! But ALL the time, I feel very blessed.”

-After watching the 2nd Tinkerbell movie, McKinley was determined to make a fairy house. She got a used Ovaltine can & put a Altoids mints can in there with a couple cotton balls for pillows. She even drew a tiny picture & glued it to the wall. She was faithful about checking it every morning, but so far – no fairy!

-At Indian Creek campground, we were sitting around the campfire & mom was talking about how Mary & Laura from Little House on the Prairie (which we’re still reading) would have thought it was silly to build a fire just for fun since they did it every day. McKinley said “yeah! It’s no fair that they got to have a fire every day!”

-For about 2-3 months now, McKinley has vetoed jeans. She will NOT wear them. She says that they are uncomfortable. So – she mostly wears leggings or skirts.

-We were talking about the 3 bears one day at lunch time. McKinley said “Well – now the bears know that they should lock their door!”

-After we picked up the kids from Aunt Keeley’s house after a temple date, mom asked McKinley if Keeley had fed them. She said “No.” Mom said “OK!” A few moments later McKinley said “We fed ourselves! We ate pizza!”

-McKinley was drawing circles and doing a good job. She turned to mom & said “Am I good at this or what?”
-One day McKinley came walking in with a handful of Tundra’s fur. She said “I know a way we could make extra money mom! Sell Tundra’s fur!” And no matter how much mom tried to reason with her, she would not throw it away!

-McKinley had so much fun playing with the dogs – especially while we were all cooped up with sickies.

-On Jason’s birthday, mom turned to McKinley & said “Do you think you’ll ever make it to be 34 years old?” McKinley’s eyes got really big & she said “NO!” Mom asked why. She said “Cuz that’s OLD!!”

-Lately when McKinley says she’s bored, mom (& dad) get really excited & say “you’re a board! Yay! We’ll take you to our new home that we’re going to build! And a talking board, too! We’ll bring people to come see it!” McKinley rolls her eyes, but she has mentioned less & less about being bored. J

-McKinley had the 24 hour flu at the end of the month. She puked about 3 times and wouldn’t eat anything. We were so glad it was over the next day!


-Ireland has quite the sniffer. One night mom ate a handful of chocolate chips before coming to put the girls to bed. Mom was kneeling next to Ireland to help with her prayer & all the sudden she stops praying & says “mom – I smell something. It’s chocolate! Chocolate chips!” And one day we pulled next to a fast food place & when we got out she said “I smell chicken nuggets!”

-Ireland is still INFATUATED with leotards & swim suits. Mom can usually get her to put on somewhat normal clothes in the morning, but by the afternoon, most assuredly she has a leotard or swim suit on.

-One day we were coloring cards for Father’s Day & mom asked Ireland to color one more card. She said “Mom – I’m getting full of coloring”

-Ireland still had a hard time last month with sleeping. She will come into our room in the middle of the night or early in the morning. One time, about 3am, she came in & said “I just want to give you a hug mom.”

-Ireland caught Hand, foot & mouth disease from Kezia & was really sick. She threw up & kept saying “mom – I puked.” Jason gave her a special priesthood blessing that night & by the next day she was feeling much better.

-Mom gave Ireland some Sprite while she was sick. She put it in a cup & gave her some & she said “It’s too Sprite-y”

-Mom looked outside one day & saw Ireland out there watering the weeds.

-Ireland had fun playing with the dogs outside this month.


-Kezia went to her 18 month appointment this month & everything looked really good!

-Kezia likes to add an O to everything, as it “Daddy-o”, “doggy-o”, “cereal-o”, “water-o”

-Kezi has decided she wants to be a big girl & sit on the potty. She keeps taking off her diaper & asking to go potty. So far she hasn’t gone, but she will sit on the Dora seat on the potty for quite a while. One time mom tried to help her wipe & told her to put it in the toilet. Instead she brought it to her nose to give it a blow.

-Whenever Kezi can’t find daddy, she will say “Daddy –work.”

-Kezi is SO good at saying prayers now. She will copy us exactly & she’s even started saying her own prayers – saying “Thank thee for mom, daddy, Tundra, Sydney” etc. The only problem now is that she thinks it’s her turn to say it every time & she will copy any person saying the prayer.

-Kezi has been our first girl to really get into the sounds that cars & planes make. She will see a car & say “vroom vroom!” or a gun & say “pshhh” like a real gun. Quite a tom-boy!

-Kezia got hand, foot & mouth disease this month & it was so, so sad. She was tired – then she had a fever – then she got the spots on her mouth and a little bit on her hands & a LOT on her feet. Mom didn’t know that’s what it was & unknowingly let her go to nursery L She still has skin coming off where her spots were. And she gave it to Ireland a few days later!

-Kezia LOVES to be tickled. She will say “Tickle (me) Mommy!” “Tickle Daddy!” and just giggle & giggle like crazy.

-One of the most precious things ever is that Kezi has started to randomly say “I love you daddy” or “I love you mommy” (or Ireland or McKinley). And sometimes at the table, she will wave to everyone one at a time & say “Hi Kinley”, “Hi Ireland”. SO Cute!

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What a fun newsletter. You inspire me to write more down, even if it's just in my handwritten journal. These are things you'll want to remember some day.