Friday, July 22, 2011

Now Do Ya Feel Like a Pioneer?

I have been thinking about Pioneer Day coming up & thinking that if they could zoom to today and see the way things are right now, they might be a bit surprised.

-That we actually PAY money to go to a place to exercise on a MACHINE. And - along the same lines - that we would PAY money to go run 13.1 or 26.2 miles in a race. That must just completely blow their brains. Why? Why? Why?

-That we go camping FOR FUN. We light fires for the novelty of it - not for everyday heat and cooking needs.

-How little we actually talk to each other face to face. Between TV, Cell Phones, ATMs, drive-throughs, movies, etc, I think they would be amazed.

-I think they would be shocked at the way people dress. Absolutely SHOCKED that girls could walk around wearing PANTS - let alone pants that are cut to the crotches and shirts that are tight & revealing. I could see mothers putting their hands over the eyes of their children - just watching people walk down the sidewalk.

-I think they would be fascinated with cars. The fact that I can go 250 miles in 3 hours. Unbelievable!

-I think they would notice pretty quickly the rudeness of society in general - and especially in our children. The back-talking, the defiance, the attitudes.

-I honestly think they would be appalled at our laziness. For all our cries of busyiness, do we need to do all our laundry by hand - or dishes? Do we need to cook all our meals over a fire or on a primitive stove? I truly think they would see our lives as full of empty business, and overall laziness.

-Grocery Stores. Walking into one of those would probably just blow them away. You BUY your vegetables and fruits? And you can get oranges at any time of year? Whaaa?

-I would like to see their faces as they witness central heating, air, and indoor plumbing. Definitely some of the greatest accomplishments since pioneer times.

-Waste. We are such a throw-away society! I think they would just truly WONDER at how we treat our things and how much trash we generate in a week.

-Child Bearing. I'm not completely sure how they would feel about giving birth in such a sterile environment with tubes sticking into you & shots, but I'm pretty sure they would be interested in a pain-free birth experience.

-After watching some prime time TV or movies, or listening to regular radio for a few hours, I'm convinced they would think the end of the world must be near with such appalling themes.

What do YOU think they would be surprised at?

Anyway, just some of my random thoughts. I am so thankful for the pioneers & their sacrifice. We still have so much to learn from them. We watched the John Rowe Moyle story in Young Womens a few weeks ago & I could not help crying at his unfathomable sacrifice. And - even though I think the pioneers in general would be very disappointed and shocked at the world today - I hope they would see that we still honor their names and our faith.


Lena Baron said...

I Loved this post! Good to hear from you!!!

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I loved this post, we just went and saw the 17 Miracles Movie this last week, it was extra special because my great great great Grandmother, Sarah Franks, was one of the main characters in the movie. I can't believe what they endured and how much we take for granted. Hope you are doing well!

Trish the Dish said...

SO thoughtful Heid! Way to ponder! I need to think more often....