Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thoughts & Feelings - 9/11

Where were you on this date, a decade ago? I really find it interesting, finding out what everyone was doing, how they found out, what they did, how they felt.
As for me... I was working in the Federal Building - downtown SLC. I remember walking in the building that morning & a few people were gathered around the T.V. in the lunchroom. My co-worker, Karen, told me that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center. I have to say... I wasn't aghast at this point. I just thought "Hmmm - wow. That's a crazy thing. But things like that happen in this crazy world." I thought it was an accident. I had no idea it was a premeditated attack. I went to my office. But more & more people gathered around the TV, so I went back in & watched as that 2nd plane hit the WTC. And then the Pentagon. By this time, everyone had forgotten about work. Panic had hit me by then. I just kept thinking "our nation is under attack - HERE!" I heard about Flight 93. Now I was really anxious. I didn't imagine it would hit where I was, but I have to admit I was a little worried about being in a Federal Building. After staring at the TV for quite a while, I think people drifted off, but I think they gave admin leave by the early afternoon. I talked to Jason, who was at school. I cried some. I went to my mom's. We came together as a family & made sure everyone was okay. I just remember the hurt that day. So many horrible images kept pouring out of that T.V. So many horrible details of the attacks. Stories of emergency personnel and loved ones. People jumping out of buildings...Oh... it still hurts my heart so much. We, as a nation, came together so much that day & the days following. So many flags. So much patriotism. So much anger - and humility. Both sides of the spectrum.
I just wanted to take a minute & remember that day. Remember those whose lives were lost & honor them.
Also - today, I guess, my heart is a little more tender as well, because my brother is one of those men over there in Afghanistan, continuing - a decade later - to fight those terrorists who cannot seem to get over their hatred of us. We're praying hard for him. And for all those still fighting for our freedoms.
I hope God can continue to Bless the U.S.A.


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

A day that changed things forever. I had been in NYC two weeks before, in August of 2011 for my first visit there. I remember watching on the TV in shock at what was going on. Loved your thoughts on this.

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I meant August of 2001... oops

Lena Baron said...

Thank you for sharing Heidi! You inspired me to take the time to share my thoughts. I have so many about this incredible day.:) Thanks for the push. I was on my mission at the NAVY boot camp. It was an incredible experience! I have a link to my experience on my blog if you want to read it. Along with more thoughts;) Love ya!