Sunday, September 25, 2011


Were you at the Women's Conference last night?

Jason dropped me off at the stake center after a couple hours of fruitless lot-searching. I was feeling kind of discouraged. And even on the sad side. I usually go to these kinds of things with my mom and sisters. Even though it was nice to visit with a couple women from the ward/stake, I still couldn't shake the loneliness.

After the dinner, we filed into the chapel & the meeting began. As the opening song played, I wrote down questions/concerns that I've been having & hoping to find inspiration at the upcoming meeting(s). Julie Beck's talk was wonderful, as was her counselors. I found they each touched on one or more of my questions/concerns. But my heart stayed a bit heavy & sad.

Then, Elder Uchtdorf. Wow. Somehow that man can speak right to my heart. You see - forget-me-nots are my favorite flower. Ask my husband. Look at THIS post. They've been my favorite flower since I was a little girl. Yes - I love the smell of roses. I love the color of the tulips, but there's something about the forget-me-nots that is just me. So - when he started talking about my favorite flower - and even had a tie on that matched the color of my flower - I couldn't (and still can't!) stop the tears. Such a precious talk. It touched me deeply and really reminded me that even though at the time, I felt like that small little flower, the Lord loves & appreciates me for who I am. Truly changed me & made my heart rejoice. The Lord truly knows & loves me! I hope you are able to watch it. I know I will be re-watching it- whenever I'm feeling small & insignificant.

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