Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feelin' the Love

Happy Valentines Day everyone! The girls were so excited for Valentines this year. We have worked hard putting together Valentines for classes, family & friends. This morning started out with about 5 inches of snow for Jason to shovel. I don't mind the snow too much. I will definitely be ready for spring when it comes, but the snow is so beautiful and I love to watch my kids play in it - or just stay inside & cuddle with some books :)
Jason whipped up some pancake batter - adding a dash of pink for the occasion - and I proceeded to bust out some sweet heart & I {HEART} YOU pancakes. It was a lot of fun. We also watched this video during breakfast to set the mood. Then we got to open Grandma Devenish's gift & she gave us some yummy candy & everything to make some sugar cookies. Yay! Jason also opened the music card I got him & his chocolates & then he left for work. At least that's what he told us :) . After I started getting the girls ready, the doorbell rang & there was this dashingly handsome delivery guy with some white roses & pink balloons for the girls and a dozen roses and a card for me. SO sweet :)
After taking some pictures, Ireland left for her preschool party & I cleaned up while McKinley did some more Valentines (she wanted her teacher & bus driver to get extra special ones). After Ireland got home & showed us her "spoils", we made some sugar cookies and ate PB & honey sandwiches (heart-shaped :) It was such a great morning. Now I can't wait for my hot date tonight with my sweetheart!!!
I am truly thankful for my 3 treasures and my sweetheart that saturate my life with love. I am so blessed to have them - and so many wonderful family & friends - as part of my life adventure.

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