Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Church Leaders Preparing Us for the 2nd Coming

I'm sure everyone is getting tired of all these posts, so I promise I'll lay off for a couple days, but I thought this was worth blogging about.
This past Sunday, Jason & I had another long discussion about signs of the times - political, economical, spiritual, and natural disasters. He's always checking the US Geological website to see where the latest earthquakes have been. He showed me a clip from the History Channel about the Mayans (Nephites and Lamanites) about their prediction of the end of the world, which they say is December 23, 2012. Anyway, after these talks and videos all I feel is fear and concern. We talked about things we should do to be prepared, but the fear and anxiety was still there. I checked Facebook yesterday and saw that a friend from our last ward in Park City had posted this video. It was amazing to see it after our discussion. My feelings of fear were replaced with peace, hope, and a determination to do better - to NOT be a casual scripture reader, church goer, servant of my fellow man, etc. I am thankful for the efforts in putting this together. It's inspirational and uplifting and helps me put things in perspective.


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Buch Bunch said...

Wow, that is powerful. It does put things into perspective! I love how it ends, to stand in holy places and not move until the day of the Lord comes! Very touching. Thanks for posting!