Friday, July 25, 2008

Girls Night In!

Jason has his MBA classes on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. It's sad not to be able to see him so much during the weekend. I have to say, though, that it does facilitate some Mommy & McKinley time on Friday nights. We stay up late (OK, so 9pm is not that late for me, but it's pretty late for McKinley) and paint our nails, watch a movie, listen to music, lay on the grass & look at the clouds, whatever. Here are a couple pictures from painting our nails tonight:

McKinley INSISTS on doing them herself...

So, yeah, we go through A LOT of nail polish remover

It really does take her a while. She holds up different colors and I assume contemplates the shade that would most compliment her skin tone and hair color.

I hope we continue this even after Jason is done with school. I love having "girl time" with her and talking - tonight about bumblebees and popcicles - maybe one day about boys and shopping. I'm cherishing this time I have right now, though, and there are many times I still look at her and just MARVEL at how she came from ME and that I have the blessing to be a part of her earthly journey.


Buch Bunch said...

That is the cutest thing ever...Oh how I would love a little girl!

Melissa said...

so cute! what a nice mom you are to let her do it "herself"! I need to learn from you. I still don't let Lincoln eat from a spoon "himself"!

Get Hooked said...

What a fun idea! I may have to steal this one! It seems like it is always just me and the girls. What a great way to make them feel special.