Friday, October 3, 2008

Hubby Tag

1. Where did you meet? We met at Snow College. He knocked on our door one Sept night because his step-dad told him to look up one of my roommates. Nice, huh? I don't think he remembered me, but we couldn't stop talking about HOT he was after he left - and an RM to boot!

2. How long did you date before you were married? Let's see - it's a bit complicated. We probably started "dating" (In Ephraim, you don't really "date" - you hang out) Dec of 98. We got engaged April of 99. We called it off about Oct of 99. Got back together Jan of 99, Married May of 2000. So - a year and a half - give or take a couple months.

3. How long have you been married? 8 & a half years!
4. What does he do that annoys you? Probably the most annoying thing is when his "in a minute" turns into many minutes and sometimes hours. I also really don't like going to sleep without him - whether it's because he's studying, playing a video game, or watching Lord of the Rings (extended version) for the umpteenth time.

5. What is your favorite feature of his? I have always loved his beautiful dark brown hair (I even think the gray sneaking in is sexy, too) and his gorgeous green eyes.

6. What is your favorite quality of his? So many, but probably his lack of defensiveness - which is totally opposite of me. He usually readily agrees when he's messed up. I appreciate that he is frugal. I also LOVE his laugh - his good, heartfelt, giddy laugh will lift my mood anytime.

7. Does he have a nickname for you? Babe usually - or sweetie. Or hun.

8. What is his favorite color? Maybe green? Yeah, I don't think he has a set favorite.

9. What is his favorite food? CHOCOLATE. His children inherited that gene as well. He loves Italian. He loves seafood (which I NEVER make so he has to eat it when we go out).

10. What is his favorite sport? Football -he played in high school - although he's not a die-hard fan of any one team.

11. When and where was your first kiss? Everyone will think less of me, but it was our first "date" (I say date again, but it was more like just hanging out at his apartment & watching a movie)

12. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? We are big cuddlers - always have been. I will lay by him and he will play with my hair as we watch a movie. I LOVE that. We do like to the theatre & see movies. We love camping and the mountains, although we haven't been much since the girls.

13. Do you have any children? Our girls McKinley (3) and Ireland (1). They make us laugh and cry and smile and grit our teeth and thoroughly enjoy life.

14. Does he have a hidden talent? Hmm - he is a GREAT pancake-maker!

15. How old is he? 31. Wow - yes, he's getting old! :)

16. Who said I love you first? Jason. We're on the phone only a couple weeks after we started hanging out. I was at my parents for Christmas. He was at his parents. At the end of the conversation, he blurts out "Ya know - I love your guts!" Hmm - how does a girl respond to that?

17. What's his favorite type of music? He grew up listening to Metallica. He loves them. But - maybe in his old age or through my discouragement with our young 'uns, he has listened to country more & more.

18. What do you most admire about him? SO MUCH! I admire and love that he will help a friend in need at any time. I love that he really cares more about his family than climbing any corporate ladder. He's not one of those dad's that retreats to the TV or back room when he gets home. He enjoys the kids and helps a lot. I admire his determination. In school, I was all about the shortcuts - gimme the Cliff Notes. He stays up reading ALL the chapters for school.

19. Do you think he will read this? Yeah - not because he always checks it, but I'll make sure he sees it!

Yup - I don't tag anyone specifically, but if you haven't done it - do it!


Patricia Potts said...

What a beautiful tribute Heidi. I agree, Jason was an incredible catch for you... of course the same is true for him! I thank God everday for you and your family.

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I love that picture of you guys with the pitchfork! You guys make a great couple!

Mindy Benson said...

You're right...Jason & Brent are a lot of like. It's so much fun to see your cute pics of each other & your family. I'll have Brent look at your blog to see. We miss ya!!!

val said...

fun to read about your hubby. you two make a great couple. cute photos too ;)