Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September Newsletter & Slideshow

(DON'T FORGET TO PAUSE THE BLOG MUSIC - ON THE LEFT) Again, I'm sorry for the poor quality and small picture. It's the best I can do while still being able to burn my own DVDs on my home computer.

To the left is the newsletter and below are some highlights for the girls. Sorry there's so many, but that's how it is when you're a mom, right?

-Daddy & McKinley were looking at a book one evening & McKinley was just turning the pages. Daddy said “will you read out loud McKinley?” So, boy did she read LOUD!
-We were reading McKinley nursery rhymes one night. We said “there was an old lady who lived in a…” McKinley said “BOOT!” (she’s right – it did look more like a boot in the picture).
-McKinley is ever more sly in her bedtime aversions. Here are a few of her latest ploys: 1. One night she was crying & mom went in & asked her what was wrong. All her stuffed animals and dolls were in her bed. She said “I can’t go to sleep! There’s no room for me!” 2. She will go through all the blankets on her bed & ask who made each one (GG, Grandma Potts, Grandma Devenish, Aunt Cindy). 3. When we give her kisses and hugs, she’ll ask “do you want a big hug or a little hug?” then, “do you want a big kiss or a little kiss?”
-On her birthday, McKinley kept saying “I’m the birthday girl ____ (whoever was by her)! And “Happy Birthday to Me!”
-McKinley has loved her little doctor kit. She’ll follow Ireland around and try to listen to her heart and check her ears. Most of the time, Ireland isn’t really in the mood and she’ll yell “Ireland – you don’t feel good!”
-Mom said it was time for naps & McKinley said she wasn’t ready. Mom said “when will you be ready?” McKinley: “One day mom…”
-One rather annoying thing she’s been doing is saying “Huh? I can’t hear you!” Even after repeating multiple times, she will still say it.
-Dad’s been watching more football & McKinley says “Daddy – they’re hitting each other & hitting is NOT NICE!”
-When we sing I am a Child of God, McKinley sings “…with parents kind OF dear…” instead of kind AND dear.
-Mom was telling McKinley she needed to come to the table to eat breakfast & she came back with “Mom, that’s not a good idea.”
-McKinley has loved her new fish Dezi. In fact, she never calls her just Dezi. It’s always Dezi The Fish. She has had fun feeding her, “tickling” her and talking to her. One day she was getting a drink out of the fridge. Mom asked what she was doing. McKinley said “Getting Dezi some water!” The other funny thing was when she was watching her swim around and she said “Don’t worry Dezi – there’s no sharks in there!”
-For some reason, McKinley now thinks she hates tomatoes and whenever mom puts them in anything, she says “tomatoes – yuck!” and makes all kinds of disgusted sounds.
-Another frustrating thing she is doing is saying “____(whoever she is mad at), you’re rude!”
-Mommy heard McKinley come in from playing outside and looked over. McKinley sighed loudly and said seriously, “I’ve had a long day.”
-McKinley has been wanting more help with going potty and saying her prayers lately for some reason. One morning, she said “Will you please help me with the prayer? I’m not a mommy yet.”
-McKinley CONSTANTLY is saying “I don’t feel good.” Especially when we sit down to eat.
-McKinley came in from playing outside and was all dirty. She said “Mom, I’m not little dirty, I’m BIG dirty!”
-McKinley put on panties with cats on them one day. Mom was trying unsuccessfully to get her pants on. McKinley finally explained “The kitties don’t like pants on ‘em.”
-She has been big into writing letters to people. One day she wrote one to Alyssa Hook and cried and cried until we could take it to her in her house. She kept saying “Alyssa will be so excited! She really wants this letter!” She also wrote one to Jack Matthews and Grandma Potts.
-McKinley keeps asking who makes things – “Mom- who made this?” – even with things like car seats, computer monitors, and books.
-She is had her Barbie car shoes on one day and said “I talk to them all the time!” pointing to the barbies on her shoes.
-McKinley is VERY much into computer games now-days. The Matthews gave us their launchpad for the internet, which she loves. She will ask mom constantly if she can get on her computer. She also constantly asks to get on “PBS Kids dot KORG
-She asked one day out of the blue “Mommy, where does Jesus live?” and then “Mom – where does Christmas live?”
-Mom is in the kitchen and she hears the following conversation with Grandma Potts: Mc: “Grandma, do you like Swiper?” Grandma “Umm…I’m not sure what swiper is..?” Mc: “Grandma, Swiper is a bully!”

-Ireland has said a lot of words this month, including: Jesus, Nana (banana), Sydney, Tundra, Thank You, Grandma, Please (she can also sign all of these – except Tundra & Sydney) She is probably up to almost 30 signs and words.
-You can tell Ireland is REALLY tired when she stands by her crib and shakes the slats, trying to get in.
-Whenever Ireland is hungry and passes yummy food, she says “MMMMM
-Ireland likes to find any kind of paper (TP, paper towel, wipie) and wipe the floor and walls. It’s cute – except when they’re dirty.
-Ireland has a fascination with toilet water and T.P.
-There is a picture hanging in her room of the 2 great-grandmas she was named after (they have both passed away)– Grandma Hamilton and Grandma Potts. It’s right by her changing table and when we sit her up, she will point to the picture and say & sign “Grandma!” We without a doubt know she recognizes them and knows that they watch over her.
-Ireland is a BIG fan of shredded wheat. We are not big fans of changing shredded wheat diapers, but she likes it better than sugary cereal so what can we do.
-Irealand has been so cute during prayers. She will fold her little arms and then start talking like she’s saying a prayer in her cute little voice.
-The other day, mom was in the kitchen on her computer and Ireland comes into the kitchen dragging a big bag of cereal, saying & signing over and over “pease, pease.” It was right before dinner, but mom couldn’t resist. It was so cute.
-Ireland LOVES getting tickled from dad’s beard. She LAUGHS and LAUGHS.


Melissa said...

so cute! I love Lincoln's age, but it will be so fun when he starts saying funny things!

Patricia Potts said...

WOW!!! It was so nice to see pictures of the activities I wasn't able to attend as well as those I was there for. I smiled wide at McKinley's first fishing trip and at the hammock...someday!