Friday, February 27, 2009

911 & Twilight

So, we're sitting on the couch yesterday. Ireland grabs the phone, which is a normal thing. Sometimes I am a dutiful mom & I take it away and give her something else to play with. Sometimes (especially if I'm tired or trying to get something done) I figure there's no real harm in it and let her play with it. I was talking to Jason when I heard a noise. Jason said "the phone," so I take it away from Ireland & hang it up. Probably 8 minutes later there's a knock on our door. Jason thought it was a UPS guy or something, so he opens it up. "Wow. Hello Officer...?"
Officer: "Is everything all right here? We got a 911 call from this address." ohhh... Ireland. Yikes. Sorry guys. It won't happen again. Good thing our girls were so dang cute, they couldn't get real mad.
So - that was the adventure of the day yesterday. I'm still working on getting my 3-year-old to identify numbers, but apparently my 19-month-old is a whiz at putting numerals in the perfect order to call the emergency hotline.
At least we know it works!

Another random thing: Last night I had a Twilight dream. I don't know why. I haven't read it in forever, but it was really interesting. I was at the school and there was Edward & everyone else. The thing is that it was like an 80's dream. Edward had a crew cut and everyone was in tights and fluffy bangs. I couldn't figure out if I was supposed to be Bella or just an observing character. It was so strange knowing which scenes would come next and what was supposed to happen.
So - someone tell me the significance of THAT dream...?


Get Hooked said...

I'm wondering if the dream has anything to do with your previous post about knowing what was coming and ruining the adventures. I took a dream class at UNLV all I got out of it is, it is all about individual interpretation.

Too funny about the 911 call. I wonder if that happens often?!?

Carrie Wagstaff said...

Luke called 911 too when he was a baby. Only instead of showing up at our door, the 911 dispatcher called back about a minute later and said they got a hang up call. I had to verify our names and addresses and some other stuff to convince them everything was okay. Your twilight dream is pretty funny!

Tiff Meister said...

Heidi, that's hilarious your daughter is a rainman genius! Not sure about your dream... maybe it means you subconsciously want to return to the 80's and turn into an 80's lovin' vampire... :)