Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sister Escape/Phoenix Fun!

Last Thursday, Feb 12, My sisters and I (Cindy & Trisha) drove down to Phoenix for a sisters get-away with my sister Tiffany. It was SUCH a great trip! Thank you SOOOO much sweetheart for watching the girls (even with you AND the girls being sick) and thank you mom for watching Cindy's kids so we could make this trip possible. It was awesome!

Below is a slideshow from the trip and A-Z memories:

A: Arizona, Adam (Tiff's husband)

B: Baby Mama, a cute movie that we watched. Benadryl -for Cindy & Tiff for the kitties. Birthdays - an excuse for a vacation since Cindy, Tiff & I have birthdays coming up!

C: Car games: One Word game (someone says a word and everyone says the first thing, memory, song, movie, etc that they think of when they hear that word), Who Am I (like 20 questions), A-Z memory game, A-Z billboard game. Church - on Sunday, it was great to go to Tiff's sacrament meeting and be able to listen the whole time!

D: Driving & Detours! First, we had to wait for Hoover Dam construction & then we went way past Tiffany's house on the way there & then on the way back home to Utah we took a wrong turn & ended up going through Cali, then we had to take a detour in Las Vegas that cost us a 1/2 hour! It took us over 13 hours going to & from Tiffany's.

E: Eating out! We went to breakfast on Friday at a restaurant on the Golf Course (yummy french toast!) and to an Italian place on Friday night. We ate at the food court on Saturday night. Emma - had to watch an old film for fun.

F: Fireproof - watched it with the sisters.

G: Gabbing Girls! We had so much fun talking, talking, talking about anything and EVERYthing! Gas Stations - we stopped to hit the bathroom a lot - one time we stopped at one in the middle of nowhere & it wasn't until we were inside waiting to use the bathroom we noticed all the signs "If you don't pay for something you can't use the bathroom!" We talked about bolting, but bought a couple ice cream bars instead.

H: Hospitality. Tiffany is queen of hospitality and even had bottled water, granola bars, and pistachios in our guest room. She would hardly even let us help clean! Hair. Trisha did Tiffany, Cindy, and Tiffany's 2 friends' hair. Thanks Trish!

I: Ice cream - at Tiff's house as we watched movies & at a gas station at Scipio on the way home.

J: Jammin' in the car and at Tiff's house! We be jammin!

K: Kitties (Tiff's kitties - Simba & Fiji)

L: Lost! I lost my cell phone (but thankfully found it hidden in Tiff's car), Tiff had lost her wedding ring (again we found it in her car), Trisha's camera (still haven't found it :(, and Cindy at the gas station - we had moved the car and she couldn't find it anywhere and we couldn't find her & she didn't have her cell phone! Lingerie - tried on some fun stuff! Late nights - of course!

M: Money - given to us graciously by mom and Grandma Tew for our fun trip. Thanks guys! Manicures & Masks - we did both on Sunday night. so fun! Musicals. Trish jammed to Moulin Rouge and Hairspray on the way back home. Maricopa - where Tiff lives! Memories - making them & remembering them. Funny how we sometimes remember the same event growing up differently.

N: Naps. Mmmm - you forget how nice uninterrupted naps are.

O: Optimistic. We tried real hard to be optimistic with all our detours.

P:Pedicures! It was great to relax and be pampered. We all got cute flowers on our toes. so fun. Pizza! Tiff bought us yummy pizza for lunch on Saturday! Pictures. I made sure to take lots of them, even though the sistas weren't always up for it. Penelope - cute movie! Pancakes & Eggs - thanks for the great breakfast Tiffany!

Q: Quotes - we quoted many movies, "Gosh!" and Tiff used an awesome quote from president Hinkley for the ward program. Plus, we were stuck on the letter Q on our billboard game forever.

R: Red car - Tiffany's red "cheerleader car." Rice Crispie treats! Rush hour - coming back from the mall on Valentines, it was crazy!

S: Shopping, shopping, shopping - at 2 malls and probably a total of 5 hours. I only bought a couple shirts, but it was a lot of fun! Skype. I spent 2 HOURS setting up Skype so that I could see my hubby & babies on the computer screen. It was worth it. Especially later on when Jason was messing around with the audio and webcam settings. When he morphed into a werewolf, it was freaky! When he became a monkey and did the munchkin audio setting, I nearly peed my pants I was laughing so hard. Shoes - We all borrowed Tiff's cute shoes. I don't even think I wore any of my own. Sisters - my best friends ever!

T: Tew - Grandma Tew made an incredible meal for us on the way there when we stopped in St. George, and got us pizza on the way back! Thanks SO much Grandma! Trouble - we got in trouble at Dillard's for taking pictures of prom dresses, even though Tiff had some words with the management. Train Tracks - after our Cali detour, we had to wait for a Train. We had been in the car for 5+ hours, so we all got out and ran around the car and did jumping jacks for about 10 minutes!

U: Unbelievably fun get-away! Understanding. There were a couple things that we came together & supported each other when we were down about something, from lost things to relationships, to health problems, we were there for each other.

V: Valentines. I had hidden a homemade card & candy for Jason & the girls & we skyped & watched them open it. Valentines night, we ate chocolate covered strawberries & ice cream (mmmm) while we watched Baby Mama.

W: Waiter. Our waiter in one of the restaurants looked so much like Michael Phelps. We kept giving him a hard time about his latest marijuana bust. Wrecks. We were about 2 hours north of Tiffany's, driving in the dark. It was a 2 lane hwy driving behind a semi truck in the left lane & a 4-door Sedan in the right. The semi started to get over and obviously didn't see the car. It slammed into the car & debris was flying everywhere. We were shocked, but even more surprised when the Semi pulled over, but the car didn't. We passed it and the whole side was smashed in. Don't know why they didn't stop - illegal immigrant? Anyway, it was scary & could have been us. Also, driving before Beaver on the way there - so scary. We found out later in the afternoon they closed the freeway after a fatal accident. Scary weather as well above St. George coming home. We were so blessed in our safety.

X: eXtremely cute clothes that Tiffany let us have from her closet. Thanks Tiff!

Y: Yahtzee. We played triple Yahtzee and as a result of Tiffany's expert coaching, Cindy ended up winning. I was a rebel and got 3rd place. It was still a lot of fun.

Z: Zany. We each have such different personalities, but come together and always have a great time. LOVE YOU GIRLS!


Mindy Benson said...

Sounds like you guys had so much fun. I miss girl's weekend out with my mom and sis-in-laws. Guess we'll have to wait for some time til we have another one. We tried skyping you guys last Sunday, maybe we can talk this Sunday. Seems like forever since we've talked. 30 is creeping up really fast uh?

Tiff Meister said...

Oh my cuteness Heidi! I ABSOLUTELY loved it! I'm glad I can count on you to record memories. Thank you so much for doing this!

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

That looks like such a blast! I love girls weekends, I wish I could have them more often!

Patricia Potts said...

Yes, I saw fireproof. Dan and I really enjoyed it. Thanks.

I LOVE,LOVE,LOVED every little bit of the sistas show. THANK YOU for instigating such a wonderful memory.