Monday, February 23, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure...

So - did anyone out there read these books growing up? I think they came out in the 80's. I used to love to look at them at the library. If you're not familiar with them, this is how they go: you are introduced to the characters in the story, and given a basic plot line. Just as the plot thickens, you have to make a choice. It may go something like this: If you choose to stay and see if the queen returns unharmed, go to page 11. If you choose to take your trusty steed and travel to the land of Gratmut, go to page 32.
You make choices like this through the book until you arrive at the ending that was a result of the choices you made along the way.
The thing is... I ALWAYS cheated. I went ahead to page 11 to see if the queen would return and if that was the best course of action. Then I'd check ahead and see if page 32 might work out better. Sometimes, I was REALLY bad and I would just go straight to the endings and choose the best one and work my way backward. I know - what a cheater - where was my sense of adventure and appreciation of cause & effect?
So - right now in my life I am really wishing I could just take a quick peek ahead - turn the pages of my life and see what will happen if this or that choice is made. I feel like there are so many things changing, so many choices ahead... what if we applied for this job and got it - would we really love living there? What if we took a big pay cut and went there - would we be able to make it and eventually feel more secure financially? If we lived here, would my girls schooling be good? What if we went there & they ended up getting into the wrong crowd and getting into drugs and if I just would have KNOWN, we would have chosen a different path.
Perhaps I'm a little over-anxious. It's just that with our past 2 homes, I have just really KNOWN that we're supposed to be there and there have been reasons we have been where we are.
Obviously, I can't turn the pages of my life adventure and know exactly what will happen. Thankfully, though, we have the Holy Ghost to be our guide, and we are trying to be humble and listen.
Still... it doesn't stop a girl from wishing for just one little bitty peek, right? :)


Lena Baron said...

AMEN SISTER!!! I have wished that MANY MANY Times!!! Guess that's just another part of the journey. FAITH... uggg!;)

Patricia Potts said...

This was a great blog. What a wonderful reminder. Maybe I'll have to try one of those out again. Do they have them in Christian Romance style? Love you