Monday, March 9, 2009

Birthday Addendum

I know - I thought my birthday was over on Friday, too!
Jason took me to a movie on Saturday afternoon (the 4pm showing of Inkheart)after we dropped the girls off at mom's. Afterwards we were driving home thinking of something to eat. I was thinking I wanted soup in a breadbowl. Jason wanted to go home & eat something, but I couldn't think of anything I wanted to eat at home, so I told him to go to Smith's since I needed to go grab a few things anyway & then I would get some soup & breadbowls, so we headed that way & then Jason said he needed to use the bathroom. I said to use the bathroom at Smith's, but he said he wanted to use the one at home. Ug. Fine!
So we pull up and he hops out and goes to get me out. I'm like "Uh..I'll just wait while you go!" But he was insistent that I get out. That was the first time I thought something might be up. Why would he want me to come in with him just to use the bathroom? So I come in & SUPRISE! Lots of neighbors and friends and food and decorations. Wow! I really was surprised I had NO idea Jason was planning this. It's funny because I had kind of guessed everything on my birthday when we were on our way to it - Hollywood Connection, Al Forno's & even the gymnastics meet, but not this!
It was great to see everyone - especially nice for our friends that came all the way from Layton and Midway. Thanks sweetie for a wonderful, memorable, loving 30th!

Top: Engmans! / Bottom: Robyn (all the Matthews were there at one point)

Top: Heidi & the neighborhood girls / Bottom: Jod & Jacie - cute sisters! They helped set everything up!

Top: The Grays / Bottom: The Warrens

Another wonderful yummy chocolate cake. We still have lots of leftovers if anyone's interested!


Patricia Potts said...

Yes, we are all so blessed to have Jason part of our family. He was so much fun to watch as he made all the arrangements. He was just like a little kid at Christmas!

Lena Baron said...

Duh! That's the one I heard about and wanted to be to! Glad I didn't give it away!:) Happy Birthday again!:)

Britany said...

Happy Belated Birthday! That husband of yours is a keeper! :)

Miss Molly said...

I'm so sorry we couldn't make it. After a horrible week of being sick in bed (and technically, I was still sick on Saturday too), we were wiped out! I called jason and left him a message, I hope you got it. This is two surprise parties we've missed in the Hamilton household now. But we still love you!!

Did you get the invite to my shower?

I hope all is well. You are wonderful. Happy Birthday.

Lotta Abrahamsson said...

Happa birthday (a little late but..
I sure enjoy your page:) I hope o see you guys in August...

Love Lotta

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I am bummed that we missed your party. I'd really like to get together some time. I know I slacked in planning that barbeque, but we really should plan something. Are you going to Molly's shower on Tuesday?

The Buckwalter Four said...

Okay - so I haven't been blog-surfin' in forever. SOO fun to see you guys and your adorable kids! HAPPY BIRTHDAY H! If you guys need a vacay - consider coming to stay with us in VA!

Kelli said...

What a good husband you have (who cares if he runs with you or not, he plans parties?!?) HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY from me!!! i am glad it was a great one, 30 about did me in!