Friday, May 1, 2009

April Newsletter & Slideshow

Hey, I'm on time this month. Hooray for me! Here's our story from April:

McKinley: Here’s what our bundle of energy has been up to this month:

-We were in line at Ross & all the sudden McKinley says (rather loudly) “Mom – look at that boy! He has earrings!” Mom tried to shush her & tell her it was OK, but she said “But mom – only GIRLS are supposed to have earrings!” After that we had a little talk about using our quiet voices if she has questions about the way others look.
-We were on the freeway & drove past a huge mound of dirt. McKinley got excited, pointed & said “Look dad – it’s a volcano!”
-We were listening to “This little light of mine” on our stereo and McKinley said “But mom, I can’t let my light shine. It’s too bright!”
-McKinley’s prayer “…and please bless mommy. She has heartburn a lot and is puking a lot because she has a baby in her tummy.”
-Mom asked McKinley one day why she was so beautiful. She said “Because I’m a lady.”
-McKinley was pretty disappointed that we weren’t able to catch the Easter Bunny on Easter morning. She said “maybe if we blow bubbles, he’ll come back!”
-While we were eating dinner one night, McKinley came over to mom, put her hand on her shoulder and said “Mom – I hope you don’t puke that up.”
-For FHE we were singing Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam & putting our hands in the air. McKinley stopped the song & said “Mom – the baby in your tummy has to do the actions, too!”
-McKinley was saying the prayer one morning & was taking a while, so mom helped with “Thank you for the snow.” McKinley repeated “thank you for the snow…(and added) to melt”
-McKinley’s latest thing is telling “secrets.” She doesn’t like to say things out loud, but wants to whisper them (loudly) in your ear.
-McKinley still LOVES to read - probably her favorite book for the past few months has been her pink princess books with all of the classic Disney stories in it. We read it almost every night for bedtime. She LOVES the “Rescue Mice” story.
-McKinley still says “I love you” a lot. One day she said I love you & mom said I love you back. McKinley asked “Always & forever?”

Ireland: Our little girl never ceases to amaze us! Here’s what Ireland has been up to:
-After you give her something, she will often say “Thank you!” And before you can respond she says “welcome!”
-Ireland has been really picky with what she eats this past month. She has pushed most plates away with a “I don’t want it!” and we have to let her pick her cereal each morning or she won’t eat it.
-Ireland still loves ring around the rosies and when she’s in the mood, she’ll just take your hands, start spinning & saying “ashes, ashes!”
-Ireland has been big into assigning everything to everyone lately. She’ll point to something & say “Mommy’s cup” or “Daddy’s hat” or “Kinley’s shoes”
-Ireland is still a shoe maniac. On any given afternoon, you will find approximately 7-10 pairs of various kinds and sizes of shoes strewn throughout the house. She doesn’t stay in one pair for more than a few minutes before she’s looking for another pair to try on.
-Ireland has figured out how to get a cup, get the stool, and get water from the fridge. The problem is that she doesn’t stop there. She likes to get LOTS of water & dump it into other cups – usually on the carpet – and we have lots of big, wet messes. We’ve been locking the water more, but it’s hard for McKinley to unlock.
-Ireland is just like her sister & can’t wait to go somewhere & she get’s REALLY upset if someone leaves without her (especially her daddy). The other day, she brought daddy his shoes, mommy her shoes, and said “let’s go!”
-Ireland has amazed & surprised us with what she knows. She brings us letters from our Word Whammer on the fridge and actually knows probably 5 or 6 of the letters without us helping her. She also loves to point at the letters on our keyboard.
-Ireland is starting to learn colors and can sing most of the alphabet and still loves to count to 3.
-Ireland has been really whiney lately & we’re not sure why – especially in the afternoons. She’s been going to bed pretty early because she just won’t calm down, but then she’s been getting up at 6:30am!

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Melissa said...

those stories are hilarious! I love hearing what comes out of the mouths of little ones :)