Friday, October 2, 2009

September Slideshow & Kids

Happy October! Below is the slideshow and kids' stuff from Sept. Enjoy!

McKINLEY: Here are some things our brand-new 4-year-old has been up to:
-We were talking about Horton Hears a Who and how he’s an elephant. Mom pointed out that Dumbo is an elephant, too. McKinley got really excited & said “MOM! Maybe Horton & Dumbo are FRIENDS!!”
-McKinley said one day “Mom, I like everyone!...even my family!”
-We were driving by the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, and McKinley said “I wish we could live in the temple! Mom – why can’t we live in the temple?”
-For our monthly dinner/bday celebration, Nate came (my mom’s cousin’s son). McKinley asked if he was related to us & I said yes. Then she asked if he was related to Tundra & Sydney (our dogs).
-Another trip in the car produced more interesting, thought-provoking ideas: “Mom – dad can shoot at bad men, but not deer, OK? Because deer are nice.” (We both weren’t sure how to respond to that since Jason got a tag this year for hunting.)
-McKinley woke up one morning at 2am, crying. Mom went into her room, prepared with the usual question “Did you have a bad dream?” She was crying “No! I had a GOOD dream & I didn’t want it to end!”
-One starry night, McKinley looked up and (mom helped her with the rhyme) “Star Light, Star Bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight…. I wish…I knew my baby’s name!!”
-We were having a discussions about unicorns one day & McKinley asked if unicorns went to the bathroom on the ground or if they used the potty.
-McKinley continues to love preschool and her Sunbeam class and talks about her friends a LOT.
-McKinley went on her first field trip this year to Hee Haw Farms. She had a lot of fun holding her friends’ hands as they walked through the corn maze, seeing the bunnies, pigs, and goats, going on a hay ride, and picking a pumpkin!
-McKinley & Ireland both love to talk to the baby in mommy’s tummy, but their favorite thing is to poke at her belly button!”

IRELAND: This girl is AMAZING in her abilities to get into things and make messes! Here’s some things she has been doing this month:
-Mom was in another room and came out to find that Ireland had taken a purple crayon & colored ALL OVER 3 different walls. NOT FUN cleaning it off!
-Ireland has been CONSTANTLY into mom’s eyeliner and mascara. It was kind of cute & funny the first time or 2, but after that, it was seriously frustrating! What am I going to do with a 2-year-old that is OBSESSED with shoes and make-up already?
-Whenever mom flashes an “I love you” sign at Ireland, she will make her come and make her hand do the same thing. She’s working at doing it herself, but she won’t stop until you help her make the sign.
-Ireland has become quite the picky dresser. She has a couple certain nightgowns that she WILL NOT wear to bed. She has certain shoes that she will & will not wear and she will tell you if she doesn’t like the outfit you picked out for her.
-So, after a good many “NO- NO’s!” about putting mom’s make-up on, it was no wonder when she saw a picture in Parent’s magazine with kids in costumes and their faces painted that Ireland shook her finger & pointed at them, saying “NO, NO, NO!”
-Ireland is doing better with saying please & thank you, but she usually needs at least 1 reminder. One morning she said “Mom – chocolate milk!” then she waited & said “Say Please! Chocolate Milk!”
-Ireland definitely learns a lot from her sister. She has started to copy her at night with “Moooom. I neeed you! Mooom – I need a book! But MOoooom!”
-If there was a messy-eater award, I think Ireland would win at almost every meal. She still is such a messy, messy eater. At the end of her meal, if we don’t catch her first, she will dip both of her hands in and rub them together and say “Mom – I’m washing hands!”
-Ireland was trying to do something & McKinley was getting frustrated. Mom told McKinley to be more patient with Ireland. Ireland then started saying “Gotta be patient, Kinley!” Gotta be patient!”
-McKinley & Ireland both love to talk to the baby in mommy’s tummy, but their favorite thing is to poke at her belly button!”

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