Sunday, November 8, 2009


2 nights ago, I woke up at 4am to feed Kezia.
McKinley then woke up. Thankfully Jason got up with her. Apparently, she had a bad dream...and she needed to go potty. While she was in the bathroom, Ireland's voice piped up. Mommy! Daddy!
I'm - all 3 girls up at 4am. Wow.
Truth be told, life has been a bit difficult the past few days with McKinley & Ireland. Need some examples? Huge water mess in the kitchen, massive play doh mess, pulling leaves off the new plant my mom gave me, ripping paper & leaving it everywhere, getting into the cupboards, pulling out EVERY toy imaginable and leaving it out, screaming, hitting, biting, lying, being defiant, and for some reason McKinley DOES NOT want to go to preschool anymore (after we just paid the money for the month).
As I think through all these things, my 4am brain is wondering why...?
Well, let's see...

Major life change? (new baby) - CHECK
Lack of routine? CHECK
Being cooped up in the house? CHECK
Lack of exercise? CHECK
Too much TV? CHECK
Too much candy? CHECK
Lack of scriptures in the morning? CHECK
Mommy that's tired/impatient/grumpy? CHECK-DOUBLE-CHECK

Yes, I know with a new baby some of these things are to be expected, but next week hopefully we'll work on them so that our home is a more loving, peaceful place to be.

As I climbed back into bed after all 3 girls had been put back down, I realized that it's not so bad. 10-15 years from now, we might be getting different middle-of-the-night wake-up calls. So...for now I'll take the innocent ones and cherish the time when they're small :)


Tiff Meister said...

Oh Heidi, I just LOVE your blog! What a great way to put things in perspective instead of hanging up McKinley by her toenails. :-) I sure love you and think about y'all a lot. Miss you! Tiff

{The Wade's} said...

Oh my Goodness Heidi, I am going through the SAME exact thing!! I am positive my kids think I hate them! But really, like you said we can look forward to getting sleep in 10 plus years even though it totally sucks right now!

diana said...

Oh I soooo can relate! Nathe is getting his molars & I feel like we have a newborn again....
We would love to have your girls come over. My kids would love to have some playtime & maybe they will all counteract each other :)

Get Hooked said...

Oh Heidi, how do you stay so positive? Can you give me some of that in a few months? Seriously! Send the girls over, Alyssa said the other day that she doesn't get to play with McKinley any more now that they don't go to the same preschool.

The Escobar Family said...

Heidi, Congratulations!! I just read your birthing story (a little late, I know) and WOW you are AMAZING! You have to be so mentally, physically, and spiritually strong to go through the birthing process naturally! I haven't had the courage to do it yet so kudos to you. She is beautiful and I am so glad to hear you are both healthy and doing well! Enjoy every moment!

Trish the Dish said...

Heid, I miss you! I can't wait until you can come out of house arrest! Seriously! Mom and I tried to visit the other day but it wasn't a good time for you guys :(. sad. I hope that things can go more smoothly for you. I'll keep you guys in my prayers. Love you so much!

Gardners Glad Tidings said...

Ok, I so feel you on this post. I am just amazed (and happy for you) that they all went back to bed. Harrison has taken a hankerin' for greeting the day....literally at 5:00 am everyday!!! AHHHH! So I so feel you.
PS You are a total rock-star with that birth. And I love her name. What an amazing midwife! Where did you find her.
You never cease to amaze me. Much love.

Britany said...

Oh wow! When I get home from Georgia I think I will face that same monster - HELP! :) You are amazing!