Friday, November 6, 2009

A Good Grief

Most of you know the story of our friends, the Jacksons, if you have read my blog for very long. Their beautiful little girl, Lucy, died last year in a choking accident. I have posted about them HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Their blog has been an inspiration to so many people as they have gone through (and continue to go through) their journey of grief. They are wonderful people and have worked to set up a site to help all people who have suffered a loss - it's called A Good Grief. I have posted the link on the right and you can also find it here:

Please check it out! Send it to anyone you know who has suffered loss. They can share their story and gain insight and healing through reading other stories of loss and healing. She's even going to have guest writers - like NiNie and Cjane.

It takes pretty amazing people to experience that kind of loss and be able to use it to help others for good. I look forward to reading and learning from this new website. Great job Molly - Love ya!


{The Wade's} said...

I always read their blog!! I found it awhile ago, and had to stop reading it cause it upset me so much, and all I did was cry when I read it. But, then I saw that you were friends with them, so I am reading it again! They are amazing people, and I hope the best for them!

Miss Molly said...

Thanks, Heidi! We love you guys. I'm sorry you are going through all the stress of unemployment. It is so, so difficult. I've always thought YOU are strong and incredible people. Thank you for sharing my new website. Thank you for being our friend. We love you guys.

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I think the website is so great and Molly is amazing for being able to channel her grief and help others. There is strength in numbers, and we are here to 'bear one another's burdens.' Love you guys.