Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prayers for Lucy!

I have already e-mailed many of you, but I wanted to post this in case anyone didn't get my e-mail and to give an update from the Jacksons. On Sunday (May 18th), our friends' little girl, Lucy, choked on a piece of an apple and it got lodged in her lungs. She was without oxygen for 20 minutes before life flight got there and is now at Primary Children's Hospital on life support. We have gone to see them for the past two nights and it is heartbreaking to see her little just under 2 year old body hooked up to all the machines and to see the pain, shock, and hurt in her parents eyes. She is their only daughter and their whole world. I have to say that there is hope there, too, though, and everyone is praying for a miracle. I would invite anyone reading this blog, whether they know the Jacksons or not, to pray on their behalf. We all know that something like this could happen to anyone and it could be our baby in the hospital fighting for her life.
Tonight we went to offer our support and also to celebrate Vic (her dad's) birthday. Things did not look good for Lucy this afternoon and they feared the worst. They still have many questions and concerns to go over with the specialists, but the MRI test came back more positive than expected, showing less brain damage than they originally expected. So, as Vic said, there is still much room for fasting, prayers, and miracles. Thanks to all who have done so on their behalf. There has also been a fund set up in Lucy Jackson's name at Chase Bank in Park City. We love you Vic, Molly, and Lucy!

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Britany said...

Thanks for the update. Their faith is amazing and gives me hope!!

Hope you and your kids are doing okay. I called last night and your sitter answered. Hope to see you soon!