Friday, May 9, 2008

Joining the Craze

OK, so I have knowingly, purposely resisted the urge to start a blog. These reasons are based on the following:
1. Between cleaning, laundry, exercising, errands, spiritual endeavors, and raising 2 energetic girls (do you like how I threw that in last, as if that takes the least amount of time?), HOW DO PEOPLE FIND TIME? I already feel guilty for the amount of time I spend on the computer as it is!

2. I already send out monthy newsletters & slideshows with updates on our family. I also keep a regular journal. The blog would be one more thing to keep track of.

3. I worry about having my personal opinions and rants out there for the world to see. I also wonder if anyone will really even care?

That said, here are the reasons that I gave in & follwed the crowd (does that mean that if everyone jumped off a cliff, I would too?)

1. I have to show that I am not completely computer un-savvy.

2. I like to check out other people's posts and hopefully others would check ours out as well.

3. When people ask me, "What's your blog address?" like it's as commonplace as having an e-mail address, I can acutally give them one.

4. It will be nice to have another place to rant and rattle off my thoughts and share my pictures.

So... there you have it world. Here is the start of our blog. My reasons for NOT starting a blog (see #1 & #2 above) should explain the reasons that this blog will in all likelyhood not be updated every day, and maybe not every week, but I will do my best & can't wait to link to all the other people's blogs that I love to read!


lindsay said...

I totally understand the avoiding-the-blog-thing! life seemed to busy to mess with it, but it is lots of fun! you will fit right in!!

Lotta said...

I love the fact of you having a blog that I can visit regularly. What a wonderful chance to keep up with your life and happenings:) Not as easy otherwise all the way from Sweden......;) So now I just put you in my Favourites.....:)


Burton Fam said...

i knew you'd give in! same thing happened to me cuz everyone kept asking me if i had a blog and I just hated saying no! but now, we an stay in touch and see what is going on everyone's life!!!!! ps. . .it was SO good to see you at the wedding! you're kids are SO stinkin' cute! love you miss you! and hope all is well!