Friday, April 9, 2010


So glad that Blogger is now working.
Last night, for Relief Society, I was supposed to give a class on blogging. First, we couldn't get the projector to work with my computer. And next up? Of all things, Blogger was not working. I could show my blog, but when I tried to log in to blogger (I was going to walk through setting up a blog), it would just sit there & not connect. OF ALL TIMES! SERIOUSLY!
OK, enough ranting.

I just want to document that I survived this week without my sweetheart home all day.
Honestly, I was a bit nervous. I've had my husband home for a full year & I have to admit it's been nice. People ask me what I think about having 3 kids & I always say I'm not really sure because Jason's been home & I've been spoiled.
Well, this week I found out what it's really like to have 3 kids at home.
No more hour+ runs when the weather looks nice outside.
No more going to the store by myself.
No more weekday luncheons or shopping trips with my sisters.

It hasn't been as bad as I expected, though. I know that I'm where I'm supposed to be & so is Jason. Every morning before the girls get up, I say this to myself:
There will be messes.
Lord, help me to be calm when they happen & help me to teach them how to clean them up.

There will be contention.
Lord, help me to help them share and be kind and loving to each other.

There will be disobedience.
Lord, help me to teach them in a loving way to obey.

There will be whining.
Lord, help me to have patience with them, reach out to them, and listen.

I find that if I just expect these things to happen & ask for help with them throughout the day, I am not so frazzled when Jason gets home at night.

I do miss him, though. I miss being able to talk with him about anything that's bugging me at any time. I miss having him at all our mealtimes. I miss getting hugs & kisses from him throughout the day. The girls miss him, too. They keep asking where he is. It's going to take some getting used to.

I think he's missing sleeping in till 8am, now that he gets up at 6am.
BUT...we sure aren't missing the stress of not having a job. Even with the stress of selling the house, there is truly a calmer, more lighthearted feel in our home & we pray in gratitude for the blessing of having a job every day.


Patricia Potts said...

This is so cute...and sooo true! Well written Heidi.

Kris & Amy said...

Love it!! Well said! Sounds like you are happy!