Monday, April 12, 2010

God's Playlist

Today was... well, one of THOSE days.
Even my daily mantra was nothing for this Monday:

There will be messes.
Yes, but do they have to be grape juice messes? milk messes? And the sheer quantity! Seems like every time I turned around there was another mess to clean up.

There will be whining.
Yes, but what is the deal with miss Ireland? All of the sudden she doesn't want to be alone & won't take a nap. I tried to get her to take a nap from 12:30 to 3pm today. And then I had had enough. If this is really the end of her naps, there WILL be tears shed.

To top it off, I got a speeding ticket on the way to McKinley's preschool. Yessssssssss.

Ahhh - with Ireland & Kezi both screaming from their bedrooms while they were supposed to be taking a nap, the only thing I thought to do was plug my earphones in & turn on my MP3 player. I don't have a "Mondays" playlist (hmmm - something to consider), so I just put it on all-play. I started cleaning. As I was cleaning, I said a prayer. I kept trying to keep a positive outlook & pretend like it was all OK, but inside I felt ready to explode. I asked Heavenly Father for His help & his peace.
And do you know what happened?
Out of over 3,000 songs on my MP3 player, He created a playlist. Just for me. It seemed that every song I heard was one I needed to hear. Something to give me perspective, to give me gratitude, to calm me, to help lighten my dark mood. A conference talk even popped up in there.
I don't know about you, but I certainly can't deny that this was an obvious answer to prayer.
Just had to share... love notes from heaven :)


Patricia Potts said...

Thanks for sharing Heidi. Your "voice" in this world is so refreshing, honest and hopeful. Thanks for sending the rest of us a love note from heaven.

Trish the Dish said...

Wow! That's so neat Heidi. Thanks for sharing! I'm sorry it's been 'one of those days!!!' I'm grateful that God is looking out for you though! love you!

Robyn said...

I have a play list as well and you can tell I am having a bad day if I have listened to it 4 or 5 times in the day.

Lena Baron said...

That's Great! Not the bad day part... But I can't help but think that will ease up a bit too. You so wanted to hear that didn't you;) No, I remember the times when Leif has been out of work for extended amounts of time and to suddenly be without him was HARD. Eventually... it won't be AS hard, right? Yes. Love you!

Kris & Amy said...

That was awesome Heidi! I've been feeling like this a lot lately & it seems like I'm always saying prayers to help me not overreact!