Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March Slideshow & kids stuff

Wow! March was sure a busy & change-ful (pretty sure that's not a word, but what the heck)month for the Hamilton family! See our slideshow below & our kids stuff below that.

-McKinley calls CDs “CVD’s”
-McKinley went potty one day and hopped off. Ireland was there & flushed the toilet. McKinley was furious & shouted “Ireland! We don’t flash other people’s poo!” (I guess flash is flush to her)
-We were talking one day about McKinley growing up. Mom asked McKinley if she was going to always come see her when she was grown up. McKinley said yes. Mom said what about if she lived far away. McKinley said she’d fly on an airplane. Mom asked what if she didn’t have enough money. McKinley said “Then I’ll BUY some money!”
-McKinley will often tell us something & then say “that’s the truth!!”
-McKinley was always talking about the tricky leprechaun and would even blame him for things that we could not find.
-We’ve been correcting McKinley a lot about when she says “f” at at the beginning of a word instead of “th” – like “I’m going to frow (instead of throw) it to you,” but then she starting getting confused & was saying “thloor” instead of “floor.”
-Mom was tired of the mud-messes when the girls would turn on the water outside, so mom said she was going to take the handle off. McKinley was distraught. She said “Mom, I’m disappointed in you if you take the handle off the water!”
-McKinley left the dog leash outside & the dogs chewed it up. Mom was upset. McKinley said “can’t we just put duct tape on it?” Hmmm – she learns quickly, that girl does.
-McKinley has been looking at the bottom of everything plastic & if she sees the arrows she says “look mom! This can be recycled!”
-McKinley was wanting to help get the house ready to take pictures so we could put it up for sale, so mom gave her a feather duster & asked her to dust. A while later mom came upstairs & McKinley came in from outside. Apparently, she thought maybe the outside needed dusting.
-One day McKinley said that she had children in heaven waiting for her. Mom asked why. She said so she could be their mommy. Mom asked what she would name them. McKinley said she would name her boy “State.”
-McKinley is big into doing mazes lately.
-McKinley can do buttons all by herself now!

-Mom opened the door to the hall bathroom & immediately smelled hairspray. Ireland had been in the tub, fully clothed & wasted an entire bottle of hairspray. Mom was really frustrated. Ireland sensed this & said over & over “It’s OK, mom. I’m sorry, mom. I love ya!”
-Ireland has SUCH a hard time remembering to close the back door to the deck. Mom was about the get after her when she walked in the living room, but wanted to laugh instead when she saw Ireland in nothing but a diaper & boots, staring up at the night sky & singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
-Ireland’s new trick is snapping! One day she just did it by accident & now she is a snapping queen!
-Ireland kept getting into the sanitizer while mom was trying to get ready for the day. Mom kept saying no. Finally Ireland said “I say YES!”
-Lately when people are laughing, Ireland will get a grumpy face & say “It’s not funny!!”
-Ireland also has been saying “but honey…”
-When Ireland is being naughty (which has been a LOT lately), we will often say “Ireland Anita!” One day when Ireland was upset at mommy for taking something away, she said “Mommy ‘Nita!”
-Ireland is big into wearing “princesses” (skirts). She wants to wear them almost every day – even over her pants.
-Ireland got a pack of lip gloss for Christmas. We find them all over. One day mom walked into the girls’ bedroom to see Ireland with a fist full of lip gloss in her hand, trying to put them all on her lips at the same time.
-Ireland & McKinley were both “trying out” mom’s nursing pump. It was pretty funny.
-While mom was feeding Kezia & Jason was talking to the carpet guy, Ireland got a hold of the touch-up paint downstairs that dad was using & decided to paint the white bathroom door with it. Boy was she one IN-TROUBLE little girl when mom found her. We had to end up re-painting the whole door.
-Tiarra was over for the sleepover & mom let her hold Kezia. Ireland kept coming over to her & saying “Be careful with Kezia! Ok, Tiarra?”

-What a beautiful, fun, adorable 5-month-old our Kezi-boo is! We love her SO much!
-Kezia is starting to get mobile. On her tummy, she can turn in a circle, work to grab toys, and rolls over with more control.
-On March 7th, we followed through with our decision to take the binki away. She was just over 4 months, so it was a hard decision, but she was abusing the binki – waking up at night to put it back in. After just a few rough days, she was sleeping better, and after a week, things were MUCH better. She now naps and sleeps better & we are ALL thankful!
-Kezi had rice cereal for the first time on the 10th. She took to it pretty well, but she doesn’t have it all the time.
-Kezia loves to reach up, grab her toes & put them in her mouth.
-She also is a grabber. We put her in the Bumbo while we eat & she has knocked over some cups of water and will basically grab anything that comes near her.
-Kezia is a super-slobber girl! We can feel that tooth wanting to come through, but it will probably still be a while. In the mean time, she wants to put anything & everything in her mouth.
-We LOVE Kezia’s smile & laugh. She is such a sweetheart.
-She’s “talking” more & likes to say “oooooh” a lot.


Miss Molly said...

Ok, the updates on your girls are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for having us over, thank you for coming to Peter's party, thank you for being such great people and great friends. I hope you move back our way soon! WE love you guys.

Patricia Potts said...

I couldn't make the video play but I loved the memories. My favorites were:
McKinley's Buying money comment and duct take
Ireland ANITAS twinkle twinkle song
Kezia's toes trick.

Thanks again for sharing Heidi. Love, mom